Need some help with some part IDs...


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Hey guys, I need some help ID'ing some model parts, and I know you guys can help- this is right up your alley...

I'm looking to ID the parts on this badge from Return of the Jedi worn by the Alliance officers. Lando, Leia and General Madine have one, as well as a lot of background.

2021-08-27 07_26_36-Crix_Madine1.webp (376×508).png
2021-08-27 07_11_10-d4df82a59e94aa908480e8d071c62bf60e179168.webp (1200×600).png

Here is a close up photo of an unused badge from a Prop Store auction. There is a piece missing, but I imagine if I can find the kits the other parts came from- the missing piece is likely from one of them. I think I see an engine block, a car radiator, and perhaps some kind of tank hatches? I feel like I've seen the domes before, I thought maybe on the X-wing- but it isn't there, and I can't place them.


Hoping some of you guys will know right off the top of your heads. Thanks for any help!


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Yeah, it looks to me like two halves of a car engine on top of radiators.

Edit- the engine is the same part, just flipped. The auction has photos with a ruler, I'll post.
I believe the radiators are from the 1/12 tamiya renault F1 car and round endcap like parts are from tamiya chruchill crocodile, the small engine like parts are from tamiya yamaha midnight special 1000 IDK scale 1/8 maybe
Marvin hope you don't mind me using your image. I love maps, and this was a simple one. Thought I'd do it for future reference. If anybody knows the missing parts, let me know. #3 looks familiar but can't place it.

1662327998495_1662327990531_Comm Badge Map Numbered~2.jpg

4. Tamiya 1/6 Yamaha XS1100LG Midnight Special
Tamiya 1/6 Yamaha XS1100LG Midnight Special
6. Tamiya 1/35 Churchill Crocodile
7. Tamiya 1/12 312T4

Notes : 1 and 2 are Radiators, possibly Tamiya 1/12 Renault F1

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