new member and need some tip^^


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Hello everyone
i found this forum copple days ago while i was searching tips for my costume and i have to say some of your works are amazing..!!
i opened this thread because me and my girlfriend are working on our costumes for the next convention we will attend and i need some suggestions :)
since it's my first pred costume i decide to go for scar predator from AVP in foam,because i already had some PDO files with full suit i can work on it,my GF picked an action figure version of machiko noguchi (i attach the image)
i don't think i will be able to create a foam bio mask design from scratch,so i was wondering witch one is the closest basic bio i can modified to her bio mask?i have plenty of bio mask project to choose but i was thinking that city hunter -falconer or tracker will be a good base to start with.
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