New BSG Raider 1/24 Model


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For those of you that liked that beautiful 1/24 Cylon Raider that Kip Hart (Wolvster) created, I have posted pics of my version of the completed kit.

I tried to stay as true as possible to the CGI pictures I have from ZOIC. I also added one open missile bay. I need to go back and readjust one of the engines, didn't realize they were off on alignment until AFTER the model was done.

Well enjoy, and get this Kit if you like the ship, it's a lot of fun.



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Gone but not forgotten.
OH MY GOD .... :eek

paint job I have ever seen ...

And NO, I'm not trying to PLUG the kit... :lol
It's BEAUTIFUL Sir ....



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WOW....gorgeous. Mad skills....Thank you for sharing...Ill be trying to copy your beautiful rendition. (which is the most sincere form of flattery. ) :D


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Ahhh sweet.

I just got mine today. I love the finish.

You nailed it.. Shoot, forget CGI, they need to borrow your model for some shots :)




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Well guys, this is why we post pics eh?? I appreciate the feedback. It's nice after doing work to hear that you all like it. There is a TON of amazing works on this forum, and it's always fun to share like this.

Look forward to others' workups.

Note: I just got the new 'pentagon' decals from Kip, so those get added shortly.


Jedi Dade

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Please share your paint scheme with us - it looks awesome.

I want one of these bad but don't have the extra cash right now... grrrrr

Jedi Dade


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Jedi Dade,
Regarding the paint scheme, it was all ad-hoc.

I basically mixed some buffing metallizers to get the right shades.

What I recall is this.

The base coat was mostly 'aluminum' with some gunmetal mixed in (maybe 80-20). Airbrushed that on. Then masked off for the darker metallics, maybe more like 70 gunmetal, 20 aluminum and a mix of some medium dark metallics. Then I did mixed up some pearl blue with the aluminum, toned down a tad w/ gunmetal, and that is the lightest metallic panels you see.

After all that was done, I thinned down gunmetal and black 50/50, masked the panel edges, then shot those along the panel lines for the 'shadows' on the panels. I didn't take as much time as I should have puttying some of the small pits, but this was more of a 'test run' to see if I could mimic the CGI look. Most ZOIC cgi's show the 'eye' area to be dark, but most screen shots I see (particularly the opening credits, close up) it is clearly aluminim like in color, as the red reflects. But, a lot of this has to do with the lighting and shadows.

Hope some of this was helpful, it's a great kit.

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