Nerf Gun Props? YES!


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Hope you guys enjoy the stuff I do. I have a 7 year old so they idea to work on nerf guns just occured to me about 6 months ago. I now have a shop where I work on orders and projects - usually about 5-7 hours a day after work and on weekends. It's never going to make me rich, but if it provides me a fun hobby and some extra cash for the family, I'm a happy man :)


just a little .99 cent toy grenade. I liked the cast and thought it would look cool painted up!

Auto Pistol Goodness

WIP - Boba Fett blaster by hasbro 3/4 scale (I need a source for full sized replica casts!)

Previous Fett blaster I did a while back

Gasparilla Pirate Fest is coming up this weekend in Tampa. Had to make a few pistols for the event! (Cast resin, no metal)

Standard issue Stormtrooper Blaster - Hasbro 3/4 scale

Nerf Longshot - Modded up! :)


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Nice!! I've got to find a pic of my modded Nerf Vulcan cannon... went the mad scientist route with it.

Yes please! I love seeing other styles on these nerfs :) I'll try to dig up a few of the ones I've done. you might like what I did with the ugly shield that comes with the automatic stampede :)


This was at about 60% done. Cant find the final photos! :)


Further back in the project, but a better shot of the shield. Yep, I melted a bullet hole in it, hehe.


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Here are a couple of longshots that I did.
The first one, I didn't really mod too much, however I did body fill every screw hole, and logo.
Sanded the heck out of the entire thing, and painted it.
The second one I had a lot of fun with.
I didn't worry too much about smooth surfaces as I wanted it to look really beat up.



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Exceptional work! I've got a box full of guns (for the grandson of course!) waiting for the time to paint.
Could you do a tutorial on the weathering you do? It's kick-ass!!


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Great paint jobs! I especially like the last pic in your first thread that shows the effect from gas escaping the vents. Have you left the screw holes unfilled in order to reassemble after painting?

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