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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by hydin, Mar 2, 2006.

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    my friend is getting married in may, i think. one of those months that start with M and it isnt march (i hope).

    he called me today to discuss a project that he wants done.

    basically, he wants a never ending bubbling giant glass of champagne.

    he (or his fiance) found a giant champagne glass. he/she/they thought it would be cool if it had that bubbling look to it that carbonated beverages tend to have.

    my question is, as resident "prop geek" (reason i was asked), is how the hell do i accomplish this?

    the only thing i can come up with is this :
    1: get aerator stone (small one), and silicone/caulk/glue/mount to bottom of glass.
    2: run tubing for small stone up the side of the glass.
    3: run tube to small air pump. (aquarium?)
    4: put small air pump near display area
    5: put amber colored (water/yellow food coloring/bleach) liquid into glass.
    6: plug in air pump
    7: profit.

    but, that is a lotta work, and the wire will be pretty visable on the sides of it.

    anyone have a better idea on this one?? im a little lost. yes this isnt prop related, but i am kinda stuck on it, and figured in the main forum itd catch more attention.

    thanks in advance guys.
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    There's something my dad calls a "bubbler"--in the winter, he puts one in the water tanks for his horses to keep them from freezing solid. something about the moving water not being able to freeze very well or something.

    I'll try and find a pic or some real info on them :lol
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    Why not make a fake glass -- use PVC for the stem (you can spray the base and stem gold) so that you could run the aerator straight up the "glass" (I'd use a clear plastic bowl -- maybe spray paint a 1/4 of the bottom so it matches well with the stem and base). Create a base for the stem that hides all your handy work -- so all you have coming out the bottom is the electric cord. And viola.
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    How about a few bottles of real champagne, or even white grape juice?

    I like the idea above of building up a mock glass, the only thing I would be sure to add is a check valve on the air pump line... You can pick up a cheapy goldfish airpump at Walmart for a few dollars, hit up the sporting goods (fishing) area and you can probably pick up a battery operated one for live bait...
  5. hydin

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    this is for a semi permanent display, hence the gold water/bleach idea.

    im in semi agreement about the building of the glass though...... depends on what his budget is i guess.

    appreciate the feedback guys :D


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