Need help with Academy God Phoenix lighting kit


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Hey all. Anybody here have any experience with the Academy God Phoenix model kit and its optional LED lighting rig? I'm working on mine right now and I have everything wired up but it's not lighting up for me. I think I have everything all wired up correctly but every time I test it there's no light, not even a flicker.

Does it matter if some of the wires aren't twisted onto the terminals tightly? The wires are very thin so I'm having difficulty twisting them really tightly and I don't have nor want to use a soldering iron.

I also noticed that while the instructions say to use AA batteries, AAs are too large to fit in the battery case, but AAA fit just fine. Should I be using AAs and try to find a way of making them fit or are AAAs actually correct?

One last thing, on my circuit board, the wires appear to be in the opposite order from what the instructions show. There are 2 wires, a red and a black, and on mine, the red wire is where the black should and the black is where the red should be. I've tried wiring it up both according to how the instructions show the red and black wires should go and reversing it based on the position of the wires and not the color but neither seems to work.

Anybody else try to build this kit and run into issues with the lighting rig? I'm a complete noob to this sort of thing so I have no idea what I might be doing wrong, much less how to fix it. It wouldn't be the end of the world if I don't get the lighting running, but I'd really hate to have wasted money on the lighting kit. Any help/tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Well, I wouldn't be able to help with the actual problem...but if you have a hobby shop/model shop close by, maybe someone there could help, or direct you to someone that could. Maybe even an electronics place.
OK, sorry for the necroposting but if the following link is what I am seeing for the Optional Lighting Kit on the Internet. It is a simple circuit board which is to be fixed onto the base.

For the lighting part, in theory, you just need to strip both ends of the wiring cluster and Red wires go to the Red on the circuit board and the same goes for the black. Without any soldering iron, you just need to twist the wires together to make the joint.

However, it was mentioned that only the AA batteries fits into the battery case. As both batteries differ in diameter, the fitting issue mihgt affect where the springs and metal contacts are not touching to complete the circuit. Also, three AAA (or AA) batteries would give you 4.5volts which is more than enough to light up the LEDs (and I hope they have current limiting resistors on the circuit board).

A clear image of the circuit board and the battery housing might help too.

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