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  1. Nick Storm

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    Hi Everyone,

    What photo paper is recommended for period - 1920-ish photo reproduction and easily available ?

    thanks !

    Nick S.
  2. Nick Storm

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    Nobody ?

    Is this prop forum more for "movie" props and not re-creations ?

    Is there a more appropriate forum out there ?
  3. Talisen

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    what exactly do you mean by the type of photo paper? Are you exposing this yourself in a dark room, or getting a photo lab to produce it?

    I've done a few Photo props that I had printed by a photo lab (even though the file was digital, it was exposed onto the current basic photo paper and pushed through the chemicals). Then I treated the photo to a bath in coffee and beat it up a bit.
  4. Nick Storm

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    I don't want to age the photos...I just want an approx thickness and gloss of a 1920's era photo. If you go to any big box or copy store...all the paper is very thin and would not look (to me) period.

    I can get anygiven photo scanned and most commerical scanners can take "odd thickness and gloss paper - I was thinking. Kinkos could scan my 1920's photo but I want them to do on a paper of proper thickness and gloss to simulate a period photo.

    I'm thinking I need a photography forum, but I thought for sure someone here with movie and photo prop expertise had gone this route before....
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    I had some luck using regular printer photo paper then glued it to some card stock, it will give you a close thickness you want plus it covers up any makers marks on the back. I used oversized card stock so I don’t have to worry about lining it up and then cut it down. I use just regular Elmer’s glue spread on thinly with a brush.
    Good luck
    Lazlow :darnkids
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