Need help Rescaling the Mclean Krieger TASM2 pattern


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Hi I wanted to get a TASM2 made by myself, wanted to use the mclean files to do it but I seem to have troubles rescaling it to my size. I am 188cm tall so its about 6ft and 2in. I heard that mcleans pattern was done for 5ft 10in guy so after doing calculations I upscaled the project by 5.71%. When I got a sample of a back spider part from a dye-sub company it looks super small on me, it barely reached the middle section of my back. what's wrong there?
I wanted to make one without much troubles but I need someone who can help me with that, that is my first time making a suit like this.
This type of bodysuit is normally made of four-way stretch fabric. Holding it up does not give you an accurate view of what it would look like if it was worn and actually stretched around your body. Some versions of spandex fabric can stretch four to eight times its relaxed size.
There doesn’t seem to be an issue. You just need to remember that on the back that there will be the red section that will be above the back spider. You’re just holding that practice fabric to high, that’s all.

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