1. jvear12190

    The amazing Spider-Man 2012 suit replica

    Hello everyone, ever since I saw tasm back when it first came out I absolutely loved the new suit, and now being older and having the opportunity to make my own I wanted to post about the process. So with this suit I will be using the McLean patter and will be editing it to make vectors for...
  2. W

    Need help Rescaling the Mclean Krieger TASM2 pattern

    Hi I wanted to get a TASM2 made by myself, wanted to use the mclean files to do it but I seem to have troubles rescaling it to my size. I am 188cm tall so its about 6ft and 2in. I heard that mcleans pattern was done for 5ft 10in guy so after doing calculations I upscaled the project by 5.71%...
  3. P

    Where can i find McLean's separate blue/red pieces Spider-Man patterns now that his Sellfy store is closed?

    I have been planning on building an Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit for about 3 years, but i didn't really want to buy the materials before i had everything figured out from the start, since it would suck to spend so much money for a high quality replica, only to hit a roadblock. I recently decided...
  4. R

    McLean Pattern or Alternative

    Hi everyone! I am interested in purchasing, unless there is a free one, tasm 2 spider-man pattern. I know mcleans has been termed as the best but after his unfortunate passing, I’m not sure where I can possibly purchase his pattern? Or are there any other movie accurate alternatives out there...