Interest National Treasure Masonic Medallion


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Got my medallion today (DHL must have a space plane, all the way from NZ to St. Louis in a couple days). Looks great, nice and heavy. Thanks Magnoli!



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Got my medallion on monday. :D It fits perfect in my collection. Wonderful work! Thank you Magnoli!



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Recieved my medallion on Monday, super fast delivery to Staten Island, the quality is what you would expect from Magnoli, excellent as always ,congrats on a fine NT. prop. Magnoli!

Joe T.:cool


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BTW, Indy, just got the Silence Dogood letters, Masonic medallion, Declaration of Independence {blacklight version} and leather case from you a few weeks ago. Love them! Since then, also got a Presidents Book of Secrets and Booth diary all made by forum members here, hence my interest in more of this stuff.

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