national treasure

  1. reatsomeyon

    National treasure booth journal page

    I'm making booth journal page and I would like to ask is this a proper size ?
  2. Indy Magnoli

    Interest National Treasure Leather Document Tube

    Our updated tube is finished and ready for purchase: Leather Document Tube -------ORIGINAL POST------------ We made these several years ago and have had continued requests for them, so we're looking at doing another run... Not sure of pricing yet, but I'd estimate in the range of around...
  3. T

    Want to Buy National Treasure Medallion

    EDIT: Got one from a fellow board member, thanks! Been saving up for Magnoli's Masonic Medallion replica from National Treasure, as it would make a great wedding gift for some friends of mine tying the knot next month, but I missed the window and the supply's dried up. Since it doesn't look...
  4. Customrelic

    National Treasure "Charlotte" bell WIP

    Hi all, does anyone have a close up photo of the eagle thats on the front of the bell? Thats one of the last pieces i need to finish. So far the bell itself is around 20" tall and i plan on doing a bronze cold cast. After im going to add a chemical to speed up the oxidation process giving it...
  5. Customrelic

    Advice on mold making. National treasure pipe

    So i spent a month or so sculpting the pipe from national treasure. The stem, flag,tower and horse rider are removable so the main body is the issue. Should i make a mold in 2 pieces (like a sandwich) or maybe 1 mold with a small pour spout? As a lot of you know, each item you mold requires a...
  6. Indy Magnoli

    Interest National Treasure Masonic Medallion

    I'm about to sell out of these and wanted to know if there was enough interest to do another run of the Masonic Medallion from National Treasure: Price would be $65 USD (shipping included). If there are at least 10 guys interested, I'll go ahead and do another run... INTEREST LIST: 1)...
  7. thegreatgalling

    Want to Buy National Treasure Masonic Brick

    Please hit me up if you have one for sale.
  8. L

    Want to Buy National Treasure Benjamin Franklin ocular device ( glasses )

    I was looking to buy a movie prop replica - the Benjamin Franklin ocular device used in National Treasure. I am looking for a less than perfect version. They do not need to work. Maybe broken, or half finished version. Any idea where I can get one? I haven't found even a cheap plastic...
  9. Serenity

    Limited Run National Treasure: Book of Secrets - Newspaper Clipping Set

    Carried over from my JY thread... Here's a set of newspaper clippings based on those found in National Treasure: Book of Secrets. These would look great on display with your National Treasure collection or in a Book of Secrets as inserts. Details: The "Missing Page" and "Thomas Gates"...
  10. M

    Unlimited Run My version of the "Masonic Brick" from National Treasure - foam and acrylic version

    As some of you may know, a while back in 2012/13, I've done a run of my "Masonic brick" as seen in National Treasure. Here is the link to the WIP from 2012 My version (WIP) of the "Masonic brick" as seen in National Treasure Just to make it easier.. here is a pic of the finaly casted and...
  11. TazVader

    Revised National Treasure Book of Secrets Replica - Sneak Peek....

    :ninjaG'day Folks:ninja, Sarednab and I thought we would post a teaser picture or two of our collaboration on a new revised Book Of Secrets replica. To quote Sarednab directly after printing the first copy "Ok!!!!! Finally, my 8 months of work take a form! I'm really really happy with this...