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Mythbusters model of their Impala Rocket Car. i've done both Version 1 and Version 2 (the super-sized episode).

Version 1 is a 66 impala in 1/25 scale from AMT. I replaced the wheels with some 80s camaro rims and wide tires. the roof rocket is styrene bits. at some point i'd like to repaint it in turquoise.

Version 2 is a monogram 67 Impala and i replaced the roof with a chevelle hat to replicate the hardtop instead of a fastback. I also changed the rims and hacked out the rear bumper to add rockets.



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Ooooo, nice. Never saw that episode....theres so many I've not seen. Loved the show.
You did a fine job at replicating the cars.


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The car that started it all... I should do one. I still remember watching that first episode as a teenager. Totally changed the way I thought about the things people state as facts.

I instantly recognized both of them, so you did a good job.

Plans for #3 (the red one)?