1. lb429

    Adam Savage Toolbox - In Progress

    Hello everyone, here are some photos of my Adam Savage model making toolbox. Ever since reading about those famous toolboxes i've wanted to make my own. I've been religiously watching Tested videos lately and felt this project calling me. Finally, i had enough spare time and some scavenged...
  2. Sheeple

    Mythbusters Signs!

    I’ve been on a Mythbusters rewatch so I decided to start up a project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. I didn’t want something heavy to hang on my wall so I’m doing all three out of foam core. The large Mythbusters sign is pretty big and measures 32” long and 8” tall and the...
  3. kruleworld


    Mythbusters model of their Impala Rocket Car. i've done both Version 1 and Version 2 (the super-sized episode). Version 1 is a 66 impala in 1/25 scale from AMT. I replaced the wheels with some 80s camaro rims and wide tires. the roof rocket is styrene bits. at some point i'd like to repaint...
  4. factotumindust

    Jamie Hyneman Jacket

    Not a costume per se but can anyone identify which jacket Jamie is wearing the most recent Mythbusters (the Reddit Special)? Your help most appreciated...
  5. Maverick8500

    Top Gun F-14 Model Mythbusters Adam Savage Jamie Hyneman

    As many of theRPF member are, I am a big fan of the Mythbusters/ But aside form the antics of the shows, the props in the background have always been of interest to me. Two props in particular have always made my mouth hang open in awe. Unlike many of the background props these two...
  6. M

    Mythbusters props

    Hi everyone! I have been MB fan for a long time. Ive been wondering if they just throw old rigs/props that they use in to garbage? (im quite sure that they cant fit all the things in the blueprint room and dont reuse everything) Just my dream to open a trashcan next to m5i and find some stuff...
  7. L

    Adam Savage's Mythbusters Toolbox

    Hello There, I think I found my first project: Adam's Toolbox. So far, I have found the following pics: The box itself looks like riveted alluminium. I can pull that off no problem, but the handles...
  8. agent5

    Mythbusters "consultant" dies in fall|main|dl2|link5| Man, this sucks. My heart goes out to his family and to the rest of the Mythbusters team and crew.