Mythbusters Sign

Cool! This is one of those projects that was always high on my list but always postponed due to little time... But I got a sweet 5 day vacation in the next week so I'll get cracking on this!

I'll post some pics when it's done ;) I'm gonna scale it down so I can hang it outside my door though ;)
Just gotta get some rust paint (or some acrylic paint) in the morning and do the rust and I'll be finished. In the mean time here's a work in progress picture. Mine is made from MDF wood and glued together with hotglue. It's a little messy but I kinda like how it turned out, it gives some texture to it.

I took some pics of the construction and was wondering if I could use your line pic for a tutorial. Full credit will be given ofcourse :)

Edit: can't get image in so here's a direct link :)
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