My TE in progress. :)


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I have my first any only Stormtrooper suit (so far) and it was made by TE.

The suit was formed back in December, but I now got a chance to start working on it.

I was fortunate enough to have TE trim and glue the necessary pieces together (many, many thanks to TE...couldn't have done it without him). I am now in the process of painting it (which is quite the fun task). are some initial pics of my progress thus far (in the link below). I will update as I complete each step (plan on finishing the helmet up tomorrow).

Here is a pic of the painted helmet and chestplate...modeled by my daughter. :)

Any feeback would be appreciated.


TE Suit Pictures


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I finished painting up my suit and I am quite happy with the outcome.

Here is a picture of the completed helmet. Other pictures are on my website linked below.

The only thing left on the helmet is the Hovi mic tips, which I will have in the helmet next week.

My big challenge now is to lose a few pounds so I can get the strapping system put in so I can wear it. Time to hit the gym. :)

I am working on a journal of sorts that I will post on my website outlining what I did with this suit, what paints, etc that I used, and my overall thoughts on this whole process. (My Stormtrooper Costume)




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Nice work man. You should be proud of yourself. Oddly enough my daughter makes a great model/holder/whatever for my Fett stuff.



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the helmet looks great. :thumbsup

did you use decals or are the details handpainted?
Thanks for the compliment on the helmet. :)

All the details on the helmet (cheeks, frown, etc) were hand painted on. The only decals are the tube stripes. Since I have a movie accurate helmet, I went with TE's suggestion of making it look as close as possible.

Thanks to everybody for the kind and encouraging words thus far. I know most people start out with other kits so I am highly critical of myself while working on this one. :)


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Well I finished up the helmet and all the armor the task of losing a little weight comes into play. I would rather fit into this suit than modify it. :)

I also posted a journal of sorts that outlined everything that was done to the armor, what was needed, etc.


Journal Link

Very nice indeed. You can never go wrong with a TE and you are making a great job of it.

Keep up the good work and keep us updated :thumbsup

Cheers Chris.


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thanks for this thread and all the information...
i´m going the same way with my TE2 also... :thumbsup