My Newest project


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Hey guys, this is my newest project on a budget
My Dwarven Battle Helm 70% finished made from Cardboard, Duct tape, a fake leather belt and aluminum tape.

Dwarven Bearded Hand Axe, Dowl, cardboard, duct tape, aluminum tape, 8 nails, and electrival tape.

As it is It's about 50% complete, still need to finish the helm, weather the axe, and build the dwarven Battle axe.
If you want a nice Damascus steel look, crumple up a piece of foil then smooth it out some.
Next use spray on adhesive like 3M #77 on the piece then lay down the foil and burnish it down smooth.
It tends to work best if the foil is doubled up.

Once burnished down go over it with a wash of black to get in all the nooks left in the metal, if you want you can add other colors for assorted metal finishes like blued. bronze, copper, etc.
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