My new 2015 Pepsi Perfect Display... it actually floats!

Gary Weaver II

Sr Member
After a few months of planning and finally firing the trigger last week, I finished my new 2015 Pepsi Perfect Display. Now it actually floats in mid air via a magnet suspension system.



Here is a shot of the finished display along with some behind the scenes shots.


My initial mockup testing the magnets. I later decided to separate the magnets so the bottle would sit a bit lower. If I want to display the bottle outside of the platform, I can just pull the upper magnet off.


Dying the clear plastic bottle a brown color so it will look filled. The display couldn't support the weight of a liquid filled bottle.


I was really suprised at how well the dyed bottle looked. I would be tempted to do all my bottles tinted in the future.


Multipart cut vinyl graphics just like the original screen used bottles.


Some quick graphics for the display. My finals will be printed or cut vinyl.



The awesome part about the display is that it even has built in lighting.


Look ma, no wires!! :) The 2nd magnet is a necessary evil. Without it, the bottle would be waaay too close to the top of the display and would sorta defeat the whole purpose of the thing....

A short video of the whole shebang can be seen here:

Till next time,
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