My Hero Prop (Grail Diary)


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Hello all!, My fist thread to show you my version of the grail diary, hero prop version (screen used version, not invented pages)
Made entirely by hand, no recast or scaned pages of "From star wars..." or similar low quality sources.
Drawings come from the original sources ("The Grail: Quest for the Eternal" by John Matthews, "The Flowering of the Middle Ages" by J. Evans, Mbs-brasses...) and redrawn by me.
(The letter left the daily is the Magnoli's version of the invented Henry's letter to his son, not mine).

I hope you enjoy it!
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I do not like to put the watermark but not the first time that I find my photos on ebay :(

Thanks for your words.


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I always love admiring your diary, dmiguel! It is superfantastic. I'm pretty proud of the one that I made, but you really took it a step above!!!!!



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Hello again people!
I've been busy with work for a few months and now I have some free time.
I'm thinking about doing a grail diary for sale. If anyone is interested, just send a PM and ask me for detalis.

Edit: I add another photo :)

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Mark Jetski

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Very well done! Always wanted one of those, but with so many varieties out there of varying quality...not sure which one too chose to make your own...You chose well!


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yeah, that is the reason because I did my own replica.
The ones you can find in the web are not good enough for me.
It has taken me a long time to finish, but I'm proud of my work on this prop.
Here you can see a quick comparison with the original prop made by Keir Lusby.
(without insert and not fully aged)



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Very well done,
Have you thought about scanning your pages and making a run of super accurate diaries?


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ufff... the truth is no; I mean...
make this kind of grail diary takes me a long time and I enjoy very much doing it, but I'm afraid if I do several at once could drive me crazy :lol
I can make one occasionally for a real Indy fan who is very interested, but I couldn't make a run with this prop.
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Always enjoy looking at your diary. I keep meaning to weather the pages on the one I made for myself, hand writing on mine isn't as SA as yours.

One day I'll do another hand written diary.