my first time in my scott marshall P1


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Right finally i get the chance to wear my scott marshall P1 suit which i completely love! now bare in mind i have to adjust the length in the legs and a bit in the arms i'm pretty happy with how the pics came out.
anyway please leave any comments /critiques there all welcome
thanks for looking people!






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I really like this. Man you look like a predator on steroids that's how I like it. I hope somebody makes a brute pred costume.

Metal Man

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OMG!! You look amazing in the suit. Scotts work is the best going. Have fun with your new suit. I wish it was mine.


New Member look ******* fantastic!!!!!! like you're waiting for a director to yell ".. and action !" Yep, you're looking 'movie set good'


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U dont deserve a suit that damn awesome John, nah all jokin aside Im delighted it arrived and you;re happy with it. Happy hunting mate, see you november


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Lovely...I want one that's for sure. Hopefully when Scott has caught up I'll be able to nab one myself:)
Really love the paintup. How does it feel to wear?



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i have been waiting to see this you lucky boy!!!!

looks amazing,when you tking it out for its first public outing???


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cheers luis man! as for first public outing i'm hoping to go to ireland in november, but that all depends on wether i can get the time off work .
thanks skunk! yeah i know what you mean about the neck but scott put a neck ring on the torso and the mask which made it hard to get the positioning right but i removed part of the mask neck ring and it sit's much better! you'll see in the next pics i put up what i mean!


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looks good john.. and after the **** you had getting this.. its well deserved.. enjoy it mate and as Bruan said .. see you in November..


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cheers colm, yeah it wasn't exactly a stress free time lol, if i cant make november next year is on DEFFO!!!!! but i will try to get the time i need in november


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Congratulations on owning a true work of art John. I know I was blown away just by the pictures, but what was your reaction to un-boxing that sweet mother?
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