My Bumblebee from Transformers


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Nothing like driving a replica prop! Just got my car back from the custom shop. Its not a replica of any specific bumblebee from the T/F movies, but my own version. I had the ground fx added, the new high wing spoiler, new custom seats, new interior trim and the extended bumblebee stripes. Hope you guys like it.



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Am I allowed to say '****ing insane'? :eek

...guess not!

Dude, that is amazing. Congratulations.


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that is awesome!!! you are the luckiest guy i know!!
all u need now is a CD with radio snip its and it will be like he's talking to u :D


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I can TP your house now, cuz I have your license plate number!!! BWHAHA! Other than that...pretty cool customization ya got going on there. Haven't ever seen one of the TF Camaros upclose at all, is that stock interior?


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Nope.. custom leather interior done by Shamrock Auto Trim. They do a lot of movie cars and celebrity rides. They did all the 2 fast 2 furious cars for the film. Everything yellow inside the car was customized. Actually, you would get my police station, not my house if you TP'd it. :) one of the perks of being a LEO. :)


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I took part in my first camaro cruise last Sunday to the Florida Keys. 27 camaros in formation. It was pretty damn cool. Here are some better pics