My 1st attempt at a character sculpt (TMNT)


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Hi! Ok i got bitten by the turtle bug again recently and decided to have a crack at sculpting a 1/5th scale turtle head based on the 1st movie. Ive always wanted a large scale model of one and thought it would be a great project to try and make one myself. Ive never sculpted a character before, only random faces etc so this is all a learning experience for me.

So anyway, i started with the head (sorry for the lack of photos, this project went pretty quickly, under 48 hours).

So using Kleanklay I set about getting the look right..


Then made a 1 part mould. Heres the sculpt after demolding..

cast head..



Bit of paint and the finished result..



Ill be starting on the body soon! I have another headcast which ill be using for the full body project :)


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Thanks guys! Yeah the eyes are pretty crooked, had such a hard time sculpting them. Might try and re-do them on another cast and mould it again.


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Looks very nice!
Can I ask, though, why was this thread moved? Was it moved by the mods or did you request it be moved? I was just wondering, since I posted a bust sculpt I was working on a while back to the Replica Prop section, though I wasn't sure if it was the right place. It never got much traffic there so I was thinking of starting a new thread in the General Modeling section, since I thought that might be the correct place for it. But since this thread got moved the other way around, it got me curious.


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Thanks for the info, that is a little puzzling, but like you said, no reason to argue. Curious, since I've seen other threads that don't seem to belong that don't get moved. Like a Captain America bust that's been posted to the Costume section. Maybe there's different mods for different sections.
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