Mutara Nebula DeBoers E and R Build

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Update #98

I finally got off of the pot and made some decisions and did ‘stuff’. Since I am still waiting on my parts from China for the Rev 2 boards if I wanted to make progress, had to do modeling work and paint. Soooo I drilled a ton of holes, spent several days sanding and getting the base coat on the Reliant finished. Which I did on both the top and bottom, woohoo! I also decide on several issues so I could

move forward. The main one being the removal of the sensor band lines. I can’t scribe on this model worth a damn, the resin has different hardness as you move through it, so it is impossible for me at least to have consistent depth and width of scribe lines. I made a morale roll and failed. ☹ However, I sanded them all of and plan on just painting a solid line back in. I looked at another Reliant that had done this and it look pretty good up till about 4 inches away from the model, so I am ok with that. The only other negative is that I lost some detail on the docking ports. I am thinking of putting that back in via PE or a 3d print off of a resin printer. But, that is a long ways down the road. Also, I cut some styrene parts to cover up some ****** looking scribe lines on the bottom. I still get the same design cue but without the anger inducing crappy looking lines. Will have a pic, I am sure a purist won’t like it. Oh well. Got the rear docking port holes looking pretty good. I also came up with a way to over come the last remaining fish eye. I ended up base coating with the McKenzie paint, then sanded the area down a bit and went over that with 2 layers of AK flat white, then again with the McKenzie white, looks very good. Will have a pic of the fish eye. I am now shooting color onto the model, which is super exciting! I took some time off from work, due to an already long weekend, and spent a lot of it on the model. I also tested out my make shift air brush booth and it works quite well. A great last week or so on the models! Lots of progress!

Oh one last thing, I am now really running into issues with the hand built model. Everything is not symmetrical which is cool but I am probably going to have to go seek help for my quest for perfect symmetry, which I am not going to get to on this.


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Star fleet battles pieces, yeah

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Thanks!! I love SFB, but the counters are from Federation and Empire an even more unknown monster wargame!

Update #103

Took about a week of solid work to get the first layer of secondary aztecing down on the bottom. Had to make all of the new masks, lots of time to get them onto the model, weed them, paint them and pull them. Very happy with the outcome. Traveling for work so, will not be doing much for the next week, but then, will get that third layer on.








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