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I been thinking of making a muscle suit. I don't know when I get started on this but I just wanted to get help before I do. So I'm just tossing around some ideas here.
I have a slender Body type. I want it to be flexible and the build to be more like Spider-Man or Nightwing. But yet I can also used it for Batman and other superheros. What I don't want is big buff like the Hulk.

I might go with something like this. But where the zipper is going to be I don't know yet. I thinking the front because it might be easier for going the bathroom.

So what my plan is so far. Making 2 or 3 zentai suit.

Step 1.
Make a rough zentai suit. I may only need one arm and leg for this. Draw where my muscle are. Then stitch rip it. Draw the muscle location onto my paper pattern.

Step 2. I will make a new pattern where the muscle are cut out. This so when I place the pattern onto the fabric I can draw the muscle on. This will be for zentai suit 2.

Step 3.
Make and cut the muscle out of foam. Glue it onto the main suit. Ones the glue dry I will cut out the piece for the suit.

Step 4. Sew the muscle on the suit. Now I might cover the with more fabric before sewing the suit together.

Step 5.
Ones the suit is made I can put it under any superhero costume I want.

So what do you guys think of this plan. If someone can come out with a better muscle lay out. Then I call ears.
I would make the muscles more dense like EVA foam and shape it or silicone. if you use regular spongy foam it will look no better then those kids costumes with the fake muscles.
I would make the muscles more dense like EVA foam and shape it or silicone. if you use regular spongy foam it will look no better then those kids costumes with the fake muscles.
I agree or maybe even spray foam? That stuff is the devil if you've never worked with it before or in general (it sticks to everything forever until it dries so wear gloves/clothes you don't care about and cover your work area too) but once it dries you can carve it to what shape you want and it's fairly durable. It can get air pockets once dried, that may not be an issue though it you can't see it but you can always paper mache or very neatly masking tape it to even it out. Or cyberpyrot's ideas may be easier but spray foam is a thought to get the exact shape you want.

Also are you layers 2-3 suits underneath whatever cosplay you're wearing? Cause that may get REALLY HOT wearing all that. Have you considered having just one base suit then sewing on pockets in the shape of the muscles and just stick the muscle bits in those?

As far as muscle layouts, if you haven't yet, look up some male anatomy photos online to get an idea? Hope that helps some X3
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I don't want to used EVA foam just because it's do hard. Spray foam is a no no because I don't have the space to work with it. I might end up using spongy foam.

Because this will be my first try at something like this/ I'm keep my anatomy basic. Worst come to worst I will ending looking I have a little muscles on me. Because I am really skinny.
We did something very similiar to what you are plannng for our Magneto build. I believe we also referenced the link above, because our build was very similiar.

We shaped foam rubber and covered it with felt, becuase the edges of felt won't fray. I'm pretty happy with it. It's fairly comfortable and adds some phsyique.
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