MR Vader Helmet ISSUE


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The guys on the Sith Lord forum told me to ask this here, so here I am. I recently purchased an MR Vader helmet, but it has an issue. The dome sits a little off kilter and I want to fix it. Has anyone had this issue and resolved it? It seems like if I just put a shim or spacer on one side of the magnet, it might fix it. Her are the pics.



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It sounds like its binding where the dome sits on the mask, but its hard to tell exactly where from the pics. I don't have a ROTS Vader, but I do have an efx Vader that kinda does the same thing. What I ended up doing with it is putting the dome on the mask and then putting one hand at the top of the inside of the mask and another on top of the dome and carefully squeezing the the two together. If you do this, be very careful, since I have no idea how hard the resistance will be when you press together and I'd hate for you to mess it up because of my advice. If that doesn't work then maybe your idea of a shim, maybe a piece of foam might be the right way to go.

Cool Vader helmet by the way.
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