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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by darthinwah, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. darthinwah

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    This may have been posted before so ignore if so. If not, I and few other luck guys have been selected to visit Master Replicas corporate office to talk about upcoming products. If you have suggestions or requests for future releases, please post here.

    Hope to help out.
  2. fettpride

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    Perhaps an MR "Support Group" for members here might be in better order? :lol

    MR really should "Focus" on fixing the screw-up's before planning new products ...

    Just my 2 cents ;)

  3. hyperdyne

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  4. TFrosst

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    I think Indiana Jones should be up near the top. I'm sure they have the licence from the pics we've seen and the rumors we've heard. They're probably just holding off relasing anything until we hear something concrete about the new movie. In anycase, that's the stuff i'm waiting for.
  5. tripoli

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    I am sure they are probably being held back by the licensee until the movie is closer to release.
    Its going to be an interesting balance in seeing how they take the input of the group. You have to balance the realities of design and production to the demands of the consumer base which can be pretty persnickety. Nice to hear that they are taking a more active response to the consumer, looking at the announcement on the CE line with the metal sabers, looks like they are listening already.
  6. jedistine

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    How about not putting things on sale a year before they can deliver. Why not wait till items are in production insead of on the drawing board.
  7. greatwazoo42

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    That's a test of the market waters to see if there will be interest in an item. If they don't get enough presales then there's squat all of a chance of having the funding for a full production run. Look at the LoTR F/X Sting. They intended to market them at $120 and ended up selling most of the stock at around $20 because of a lack of interest.

    Hmmm....I'll ponder this and get back to you. Thanks for starting the thread, darthinwah.
  8. Talisen

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    I would get the Indiana Jones stuff out now. Then when the interest for the new movie starts, there will already be stuff available.

    Maybe thats just me being hopeful.
  9. Blad

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    More guns, more blasters, more helmets, more lightsabres and a Pulse Rifle.

    For the female market the guns could be painted pink. (jk)

    As the StarTrek items seem to sell very well, perhaps a look at other 'classic' sci-fi series or movies would be an interesting move.

    I do find it incongrous to see Shrek and Disney and muppets in the same company as StarWars and StarTrek . But that's just me.
  10. rad1701

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    Suggestions: Better quality control, better release timing/schedule, better communication. As far specific items: More Star Trek, and how about the hottest Sci-Fi TV show currently on: "Battlestar Galactica."
  11. agent5

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    Indiana Jones.

    I was told in person by Steve at C3 that they had already acquired the liscence from LFL, then told months later by a LFL marketing executive that they had never sold the Indy liscence. I was like, "WTF? Someone is either lying or someone let the cat out of the bag too early."

    I did see a prototype of the headpiece which seemed to look good so I know they have had some dealings with the Indy stuff.

    On another note, if they are able to talk Indy stuff, their idea to add the Belloq headpiece with the Raven Bar headpiece to make a set, has not been well all. Everyone I told had the exact same reaction when I told them what Steve told me, that both headpieces would be in a set. People were asking why they'd do a prop that was never featured in the film at all? I have to agree. I'd rather see them do both versions of the headpiece seen in the film. NO interest in a Belloq headpiece at all and it seems alot of other people agree. At least the ones I talked to.

    If theres any way to get some answers out of them on this, please give it a go. Thanks.
  12. dkwd

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    Any chance of another release of the Medal of Yavin?

  13. Qui-Gonzalez

    Qui-Gonzalez Master Member

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    Here is my two cents, for what it's worth. They appear to be on the right track with CE items. There should be more options for folks who do not or cannot spend close to a thousand dollars on a helmet or five hundred on a saber. Mimic Don Post and the Classic Action line. They were excellent items for an even more excellent price. I know there are rumors abounding about the TK helmet and it's price, so let's see if the rumors are true.

    Improved QA is another must have. Stop bumping dates back and back and back. This is not cutting it with a lot of collectors.

    As others have stated, an Indiana Jones prop line would be excellent. I know an Ark of the Covenant would be a stretch, but they could produce book end versions of the cherubs on the Ark itself, kinda like what New Line did with the special edition of The Two Towers. Too many items to list in a series like that for sure.
  14. TFrosst

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    Agent 5 has a point about the set. If that is the truth, it's a bad move on their part. A prop that wasn't featured in the movie will never sell as well as one that did. Just look at the Vader EIII saber. Also, i'd much rather prefer a headpiece that Indy used than one that Marion was looking at in a bar, even though there may be many fan versions out there, it'd still sell out.
  15. darthgoat

    darthgoat Well-Known Member

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    More TOS Trek stuff... Rerelease the phaser and the comm....
  16. agent5

    agent5 Sr Member

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    The Raven Bar headpiece IS the headpiece Indy uses in the Map Room. The one we see on Sallah's rooftop is the same one as seen in Imam's house, the standard ebay version. Being that we do see the Sallah/Imam headpiece all over the place, especially all over Ebay, I think it would be incredible to get ahold of the other headpiece, especially since we know it would be cast directly off the original.
    I only hope when MR does these in any form, they keep the bottom of the headpiece open so we can mount it on a staff if we choose to. As you well know the standard ebay headpieces are solid on the bottom and if they do add the staff attachements they're generally drilled out holes, not squared off slots as in the film.
  17. cayman shen

    cayman shen Master Member

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    Re-release some of the old sabers as CE's. Gimme my Dooku. Gimme my Mace.
  18. Spheric Thor

    Spheric Thor Well-Known Member

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    I'd like to see some cutaway lightsabers
  19. gts072

    gts072 Active Member

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    I second that.. :angry
  20. Howard

    Howard Sr Member

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    Some great ideas here.

    Cutaways sabers - yes please. :angel - you know where I am.

    I'd like an 'Elite' edition TOS Phaser and Communicator set, say based on the JLong MM version (no gap in front of the fins...) with a blue jewel in the P1, and the LED mounted in front of the emitter, so as to prevent the thread stripping over time.
    I'd like the plaque to feature the TOS font also, not the movie font.

    Ultimate replica from MR for me?
    Take a look at my avatar, and what George is looking at out of shot.
    Studio (model) scale.
    Brass, wood, spinning rear disc, lights, sound, all activated by the crystal topped lever - oh, and a signed edition in a Tantalus box please.

    My only gripe? MR please just post pics of the item when it's available, and not the 'final details subject to change' pics a few months prior to every detail being finalised and the quality control aspects ironed out.

  21. TFrosst

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    Really?? I oculd have sworn it looks different than the one Indy uses in the map room. The one Marion holds looks like it has so much more of a convex surface. The other just seem much more flat. It may just be the way it was shot but it never looked like the ones in the rest of the movie.
  22. KenKenobi2

    KenKenobi2 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Good Idea actually. I would back that big time.

    I would like to see:

    CE reissue of ANH Solo Blaster and Sabers
    Uniforms and costumes from SW and Trek

    Any Indy props (staying clear of the Hat, Whip etc. since all are otherwise available)

    FX Dooku, Obi Wan Ep II, Yoda, Sidious, Qui Gonn as well as all of the old EL sabers reissued with LED's

    FX series with swappable blades or a DIY saber building kit or kits, with the pitch being

    Introducing: The Custom FX Lightsaber System

    "I see you have constructed a new lightsaber. Your skills are complete." - Embrace your inner Jedi and take your final step to Knighthood.

    I would buy these on pre order with my grocery money .

  23. godzilla

    godzilla Well-Known Member

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    I don't understand people's unquestioning preference toward metal as a building material. If they eventually come out with council member sabers in the CE line that are made out of metal, I'm not buying them. It's not accurate. I don't know what I'm going to do about the Qui Gon now.

    The hero Qui Gon saber that MR was presented with from the LFL archives was resin, not metal. Making it out of die cast is wrong, and until they screwed it up the CE was possibly going to be more accurate than the LE. Granted they'll probably sell more die cast ones than they would have because people always love metal, so that's their right to make the decision. The weight of the die cast/plated AOTC sabers is rediculous. Especially on the skinny little Anakin one.

    I just don't get it. Helmet people have such a preference toward including all flaws and wonky asymmetry because it's accurate. If a metal saber isn't accurate, it isn't accurate. How about a resin Darth Maul saber? Mine is. I didn't get the MR one.
  24. Durasteel Corporation

    Durasteel Corporation Well-Known Member

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    Well first of all Godzilla....Star Wars is not real to begin with.

    So accuracy is a subjective term. Even MR sabers are slightly cleaned up so if your aiming for * film accuracy....they arent 100%.

    Metal is idea for long term enjoyment. Its stronger, lasts longer, is not susceptible to breaking like plastic, nor heat, sunlight etc.

    As for weight? Why is this a problem? Do you plan on wearing this thing to work? Its a glorified paperweight...

    I understand and appreciate the uber accurate interest, I really do....I specialize in historical reproductions for museums and higher end collectors....and let me tell think this kinda film research and * reconstruction is intense...hah. But at the same time balance film accuracy with reality....with durability...and frankly man, longevity. Wouldnt you rather know your prop will last a lifetime rather than potentially breaking, wearing, damaging.....I mean half the fun is holding the thing, but even the best kung fu grip looses once in a while.
  25. Rodann

    Rodann Sr Member

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    Yeah. :rolleyes I never wanted to buy anything from MR, until I saw the Ep3 Clonetrooper helmets. But that whole mess, combined with their tendency to "move on" to the next product WHILE they delay the last ones because of quality control issues (that come off to the customers as utter incompetence), has made me swear off all things MR. Period.
  26. godzilla

    godzilla Well-Known Member

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    Don't give me that "Star Wars isn't real" crap like I'm asking George Lucas if a Star Destroyer could beat the USS Enterprise. Prop accuracy is not subjective. It's accurate or it isn't and that includes building materials. People like props because they exist in the real world to be used by real life actors, and they survive the filmmaking process in the real world even after the film has gone on to exist in a world of fantasy.

    I'm don't go trooping. I don't go to shows. I'm not going to wear my lightsaber to work, thank you very much. But I was disappointed when some of MR's lightsabers were obviously much heavier than the screen prop would have been. That's not strictly in the realm of uber-accuracy.

    If someone wants to make things out of metal because that's what they imagine it to be in the fantasy universe, then fine. It's the same as making a cutaway lightsaber or something like that. Do what you like. But metal for the sake of metal impresses me about as much as a 99 cent die cast Hot Wheel.
    Metal doesn't equal quality. Manufacturing die cast in bulk is cheap.


  27. eFXBarry

    eFXBarry Well-Known Member

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    Let's not forget that die cast doesn't necessarily mean poor quality.

    I have several amazing die cast pieces that are incredible. Good die cast mold making is an art form and MR are lucky enough to work with one of the world's premiere die cast tool makers.

  28. WinstonWolf359

    WinstonWolf359 Sr Member

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    As an example the TOS Phaser was die-cast. Those were flawless castings. :)
  29. msmjr2003

    msmjr2003 New Member

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    Looking forward to seeing you there...I also was selected to attend.
  30. michael

    michael New Member

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    Ask MR when they're gonna actually announce the release of the Classic Enterprise and when it will be featured on their webpg. I'm not too hopeful it will get produced for 2006, w/ just vague blog comments.
  31. CTF

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    Yes, yes, to Barry you listen. I'd prefer a metal sabre (and a resin as well.).
  32. Stormy320

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    Please make real working Star Wars Laser Guns - like in the movie and real lightsabers so I can cut stuff.

  33. Durasteel Corporation

    Durasteel Corporation Well-Known Member

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    ah cmon, Godzilla....yes it is....I mean go the absurd route....achieving scratches and minute details until youve gone blind. In the historical community, we use the term extrapolation a lot...meaning a reasonable replica based on known examples, but not on a known example. The term accuracy has a widely different meaning. So too here accuracy is highly subjective. I share your love for accurate me I do. I ALSO appreciate using other materials for other reasons. If one guy says its accurate enough...isnt that accuracy to him? Its all about where the 'enough' factors into the equation....especially in light of time, money, time and more money. (whos time, whos money)
  34. Funky

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    IMHO, this thread is pointless. A "council"? Hogwash. MR is WELL aware that by simply coming to the RPF they can get all the customer "council" they need. So they're going to chose a few odd people to get their opinions??? Hey, MR, just start reading HERE. THIS is your target group...and you can do it from the comfort of your offices.
  35. Qui-Gonzalez

    Qui-Gonzalez Master Member

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    This is an odd statement from you, DS. Weren't you on about the accuracy of your belt boxes over everyone else's? I have to agree with Godzilla, for the most part. That said, I personally do not mind the die-casting of parts on the CE items. They are meant to be less expensive, overall, and that is their interest. If people want the more accurate, expensive items, they will go with the LE or the Signature Series.

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