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In case you missed the thread in the Classified section, we're currently working on a full fledged 750 page leather bound replica of Tobin's Spirit Guide. The idea is to fill it with as much information as possible fitting the original concept of the book and whatever remains to fill up the volume will be garnished from a 1905 book about superstitions and the occult.

So, we're reaching out to anyone in the RPF GB-fan community who would like to contribute articles and/or artwork to this project.

This post shows a list of articles we have so far: Interest - Tobin's Spirit Guide by Magnoli Props!

To get ideas of other articles that could be written, have a look at this older project by Michael Bergeron (who has given us his blessing on our new endeavor): Tobin's Spirit Guide! (RESEARCH SIGN-UP POST 364!)

You can garnish some great in-universe information from the Ghostbusters Wiki here: Ghostbusters Wiki

Other, non-GB specific entries can be researched on-line using wikipedia and other sources. Just make sure that all articles are period accurate for no later than 1920. So any references to something from 1920 onward needs to be removed, reworded, etc (especially be careful with country names, etc, which have changed since then). Feel free to throw in Easter eggs for fun and if you have any suggestions for other articles not listed above, feel free to PM me to discuss. Almost anything will be considered. We'd love to have a lot franchise cross-over references for fun: Evil Dead, Beetlejuice, Supernatural, H.P. Lovecraft, etc...

If you would like to contribute, please send me a PM or e-mail so I can note down what you're working on and update the post above accordingly so there is no doubling-up of work.

Getting the community to help will speed this project up and will also help to keep the cost down. The main cost of this was going to be in all the research, writing, editing and formatting I would have to do... but if we can spread this work out, the price will end up being based on just the cost of the book itself, which should be much lower than originally anticipated.

So, get over to that other thread and browse through... there are a bunch of great teaser mock-ups there to whet your appetite! Thanks and

Kind regards,
How does this work as far as existing characters? The one I'd done an entry for was actually a monster from my novels. I'd be fine revisiting those since this is a one-off type of project, but thought I'd ask just in case members want strictly ghosts and things that are already well known in the world.
Officially the guide is called a compendium of "Ghosts, Gods, Spirits and Manifestations"... but there are plenty of exceptions: Vigo the Carpathian is a good example. At the time of writing the book, he was just some crazy conqueror who said he would return.
So is Michael letting you use the entries he already has, or will you be starting completely over? You linked to his list and he shows some entries are complete.
Unfortunately, Michael lost everything is a computer crash, so except for the few contributors who still have a copy themselves, we're basically starting from scratch!
Is this just going to be from the movies, or including the 2009 game as well? Looking online, someone already put together a list from the game.

I like how the firehouse has the Vigo painting from part 2 where he can say up to 113 different phrases at random. My favorite was, "I should've painted myself a bathroom in this thing."

Still looking for some more contributors... We're up to 140+ pages and there is so many other entries we could do, but don't have the manpower. Any takers?
Absolutely! There's plenty of text out there that can be copy-pasted with little alteration for quick work. I've been using Wikipedia as well as various franchised-centered Wikis as well as ChatGPT to help write some quick articles.

Just make sure you let me know if you're working on something so I can add it to our list to make sure no one doubles up on entries!
Got some new articles sent to us today from a few members, so thanks to all who are contributing! We've added some entries with Easter eggs from Hellraiser, Indiana Jones and Doctor Who. We're up to 160 pages so far! Keep 'em coming!!

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