MR Communicator Moire Problems


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I finally decided to fix the moire motor on my MR communicator.

I took it apart and opened the motor gearbox. I cleaned all the gears
with alcohol and put it back together with a teflon based lube. Moire
spins great.

When I screw the inner back case on the moire stops. I tried tightening
the screws in different orders but every time it stops working.

My first thought that the edge of the moire disk was touching the side of
the bezel that it slides into, but before snapping the back completely in
place, I can wiggle it and it feels like there is a bit if play between the
disk and the side of the bezel.

Now I'm thinking the face of the disk may be touching the back of the
front panel clear portion of the moire.

Anyone have any insight into my problem. All I can say is the Mr moire
really sucks.

Also, is there any way to increase the friction on the antenna grid when
you flip it open. I was thinking about putting some paper on the outside
of the end plates on the pivot rod.
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