MPC 1/72 Space 1999 Eagle


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Hi all,
I actually had time to build a model recently! :oops:
This is the 1/72 scale Eagle transporter from Space 1999. It's from MPC/Round2 (I think Round2 partnered on this one) and the finished Eagle measures 14" in length.
It's waaay more detailed than the older MPC kit, and the molding is really clean and sharp. Here's the parts layout.


The build is pretty straightforward. The only semi-complicated step was the assembly of the engine frame. It would have helped to have an extra hand or six to hold the small pipes in alignment. :lol:

I left things in subassemblies to make painting easier. Still a good number of assemblies, as seen here.


I gave all the parts a coat of Tamiya fine surface primer in gray, and then a couple of lighter coats of the same fine surface primer in white. This gave everything a nice dirty white appearance.


I didn't do much in the way of weathering. Just added a gray pin wash to those corridor sections shown above.

I masked off some random panels and hit the model again with the gray Tamiya primer. This gave me those odd shapes that are seen on the filming models. Here's an example.


After that was done, I hit the model again with a misty coat of the white primer to tone down the contrast of the little gray panels. Then I applied the decals, which are really comprehensive! The sheet includes all the little shapes and markings that were present on the studio models.
Fun note: many of the small markings on the original Eagles were Letraset architectural shapes, such as sinks, toilets, beds, etc.

Everything was given a final clear coat using Testors clear flat and the Eagle was complete. Here are some finished pics.

20200320_174230.jpg 20200320_174824.jpg 20200320_174738.jpg 20200320_174753.jpg 20200320_174704.jpg 20200320_174722.jpg

As a comparison, here's the kit next to the prebuilt 22" Eagle.


This was a fun build! I really enjoyed Space 1999 during its run (yeah, I'm old, haha) and always thought the Eagles were some of the most "realistic" sci-fi ship designs.
I love it!

I have to get this kit, it has been on my list. I stalled building the old MPC one. It needed so much work and is in an odd scale. A actual 1/72 one with the details this has is a great addition to the hobby
Thanks guys. :)
It may not be as popular as the Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon, but it's a very cool looking ship and a nice model.
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