Mortal Kombat - Sub Zero and Noob Saibot


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So I acquired molds to these based off of Vagabonds pepakura models a few months ago and managed to pull a few urethane rubber casting but the mold wasn't quite to my liking so I decided to remake em.

Here's a hot glue cast I painted up for myself. I had lots of bubbles but I worked with it anyway.

I've had these already made for longer than I've had the molds just sitting on my desk as decoration.


I first started with the Noob Saibot mask by coating it front and back with polyester resin (fiberglass resin). For rigidity I coated the inside with hotglue and a cardboard support. From there I just sanded and added putty.

For the Sub Zero mask I approached it differently because with the Noob mask I ended up sanding past the paper and resin in a couple spots and hot glue isn't exactly sandable. :lol So basically I applied a few layers of gesso and modge podge to the back and a few layers of just modge podge to the front. It made it a bit stiffer so I could apply a nice thick layer of bondo filler directly to the back. As it cured I tried to make sure the mask wasn't warping. Then a nice thick coat to the front.

Lots of fun time sanding and adding putty to correct the warped shapes. But it's almost done, just filling in pinholes and steping up in grits to get rid of the sanding marks now.


Old vs New Comparison
Looking at it now I really do like both versions. The casted one has a certain asthetic to it that the revised one doesn't.


I'll probably make the molds within the next few days.
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Thanks man! The sub zero is my favorite for sure.

The goal was to have sharper lines and smoother curves and I feel like I've accomplished that. I've been working on these for almost 2 months now here and there on my spare time and decided to kick it up with Halloween around the corner.
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Just went shopping among other things got some smooth on mold max 30. It's quite convenient having the entire smooth on catalog available within a 20 minute drive.:love
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Re: Mortal Kombat - Scorpion and Noob Saibot

Great work, subs mask looks like it fits perfect. Thread title fail though
Great work, subs mask looks like it fits perfect. Thread title fail though

Epic fail. I can't believe I didn't catch that. :lol

But thanks man if you're talking about that first picture then yeah it fits real snug. I made a hot glue cast for flexibility and have strings on the top and bottom of each side that wrap around the ear which really lets me control the fit.
So I finished sanding, filling, and polishing the masters to my liking. I made a silicone glove mold and and fiberglass+bondo mothermold. Aside from a few very minor imperfections, the mold came out pretty good considering I didn't degas the silicone. I decided to pull a new master out of bondo since I keep having issues with the the parts that I sanded down to the paper on the original. My 2nd pull was with a urethane rubber and I did a quick paint just for my visual satisfaction.



I've been so busy with other peoples costumes for the past week I haven't had time to post up any pictures. I just did a quick paint up for aesthetic value.





They look great! Been wanting to make these for a while. I was just wondering if you might be able to post a link or let me know so where I can download the pep files. It would really be appreciated.
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