Monogram BSG Viper


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Nothing too ground breaking with this; my attempt at the classic Monogram BSG Viper. This is the original boxing I found at a local consignment store for $10.

I don't remember ever seeing photos of the Viper in the show with the canopy open, so I guessed at it folding up. The kit doesn't come with landing gear, so I made my own. Somewhere I recall seeing blueprints of the landing gear feet being more like tank treads, but I just went with basic feet.

There are several scenes in the original tv series you see the Viper canopy open not many but a few. Nice job on creating your own landing gear.
The cockpit canopy didn't really operate on a "hinge" type system as you have made. It was more like long plank connecting to the top part of the cockpit canopy and recessed into the intake of engine #1. Therefore the whole canopy raised up. The actual hinging mechanism would actually be inside engine #1.

At least that's how I seem to remember it being.

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