Anyone own the Eaglemoss Battlestar Galactica Viper Mark I? Are these colors accurate?


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My Viper Mark I from Battlestar Galactica was on preorder forever with Sideshow, but finally arrived today. This is the Eaglemoss Hero Collector model. As soon as I saw the box I wondered if the Mark II had been shipped to me by accident. I swear the ship in the box photo looks red to me instead of orange.


But since it says Mark I, I figured I was safe. I opened it and the ship inside is indeed orange, but man is it a dark orange. Not vibrant at all. Here's a photo of me trying to make it look as bright as possible by photographing it under the sun.


It looks MUCH darker indoors, but even in that photo above the orange is clearly not as bright as even the ship pictured in the included booklet...


or in any of the unboxing reviews I've watched. For example, this bright boy I saw on YouTube doesn't even look like the same model!

Viper Mark I.jpg

Just curious if mine was painted correctly and all the other photos/videos I'm seeing are just digital trickery. Otherwise, I'll need to look into returning it.
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This is mine, the orange in person is more of a rust/burnt orange tone. Photo taken under a household LED bulb.


Yeah, based on responses I've been getting it seems some have the darker version like me and others (I assume from an earlier run) have the brighter version like I see in promo photos including the booklet cover. I ordered this from Sideshow and they confirmed they only have burnt orange so I begrudgingly decided to keep mine.

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