BSG Viper Squadron Markings

Boba Debt

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I commissioned someone to build my Revell Mark 1 Viper and I would like it to have the squadron markings for the original Starbuck

But I can not find that info anywhere

Does anyone have any reference material on this?


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In the original series all the Vipers had the same markings. There were no registration numbers or pilot names used. Even the Mk 1s from Pegasus looked identical to the ones from Galactica. What kinds of markings were you thinking about?

Boba Debt

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On the decal sheet for the Revell model there are 2 different sets of "squadron" type decals (lower left corner) and I don't know which is the more correct version



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Riceball, 19narvik40 and robn1 are correct every so often I rewatch TOS Battlestar Galactica for fun and to catch any details that stand out. Yep 100% Nerd and Sci Fi nut! The Squadron insignia in red is Battlestar Pegasus Commander Cain Strike Wing. The Circle with gold is for Battlestar Galactica Commander Adama Blue Squadron his Strike Wing.

Here are some pictures below some screen grab from the show and others are of the Colonial Viper built to 1:1 scale for up close scenes. Hope this helps as reference take care.


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The Revell decals are conjectural as the filming models had no unit markings. However the round black markings are copied from the Galactica pilots' uniform patches, the red shields are Silver Spar squadron from Pegasus.
The full size mock-up had the Silver Spar markings on the fuselage, but the Galactica vipers had none.



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Golly gee, really, thanks.... I had no idea.

My post was intended to expand on Edge10's joke that the ground crew left the FOD cover in the intake as an explanation for the blanked of intake by implying that the ground crew didn't remove the cover as it isn't necessary due to the fact that the scene was a flight entirely in the vacuum of space. You see, in the vacuum of space there is neither sufficient quantities of any specific gas to act as an oxidizer for the propellant fuel, nor resistance to forward movement thus requiring the removal of the cover.

Just in case you missed it, Edge10's joke was meant to explain why the full sized cockpit used in the filming of the close-up scenes with an actor has a blanking plate in the intake. Essentially a set, not an actually air or space worthy craft, the construction crew put a piece of wood, sheet metal or fiberglass just inside the intake to aid in the illusion of a real spacecraft. Through a poorly framed camera angle, the plate is visible to the viewer, essentially ruining the illusion.

I felt I needed to add the explanation, as it seems that subtlety was ineffective. If you need a map, let me know and I'll post one.

Wow, I guess I can be a condescending know-it-all too.
Wow, I mean just wow !!! I must have totally missed Edge10's intent with his post. So Godsdamned glad you were here to point out my supposed failing. Space being all airless and such, I guess that is why astronauts need those suits huh?

Being as it was a photograph taken on a set of a fictional show and would not have been seen on the episode, I guess it really doesn't matter what any of us think. The Viper was designed and built the way it was with absolutely zero thought or worry for or about future generations dissecting and extrapolating every single tiny nuance of what they were doing.

Thanks for coming out and playing.

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