MJ Studio Viper Instructions


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Hi All,

It was brought to my attention that some people were confused with the canopy frames in the MJ 1/24 Studio Viper. It occurred to me, that while the method seemed obvious to me, it wasn't and should have been included in the kit. My apologies. Here is a simple instrucion update for you Viper owners out there regarding the canopy frame.

Sorry for my mistake, I should have done better instructions to start with. :|

Kit Instructions Update

If your going to use the resin canopy frame instead of the clear vacuum canopy there is a small change needed in the instructions. There is a small raised ridge the runs around the outside of the cockpit hole. This ridge is there to give you something to affix the vacuum formed canopy too. It, however, is not necessary to affix the resin canopy too, and in fact, gets in the way of it. To use the resin canopy simply sand (dremel, cut, etc) the ridge flat. The canopy frame will take itÂ’s place and should be the correct height, width, etc. Sometimes it needs a little flexing to get in place, but that will work.


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Haha I was going to email you and askwhy my damn canopy was all jacked up. Thanks bro.



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Originally posted by Jades Dark Heart@Jun 9 2005, 09:40 AM
Haha I was going to email you and askwhy my damn canopy was all jacked up.  Thanks bro.


Sorry. Sometimes I marvel at my own inneptitude. :$


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Thanks Jesse, I'm 2 steps away from affixing the frame... Almost there.....