Deprecated MINI-RUN: Foundry Cast Lineage/"Hybrid" Kenobi Stunt Casts (V2/V3/ANH STUNT FX)


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After finishing my Lineage and my Original '76 run, I'd thought I would open this up to see if there were any interest in any of these since I have a little time open. Like my other runs, depending on who's committed, turnaround time is about a month, or a month and a half.


It wasn't until the latter half of my Lineage run that I figured
that the original stunt prop likely had a cast hilt "body" section and a stock aluminium emitter. That fact has kind of irked me a bit and I hope to rectify some of that by offering a "hybrid" kind of hilt for the V2/Stunt FX from RotJ/ANH, respectively.

To briefly surmise this project, this is what I think is a good in-between of my Lineage and Original '76 hilts. The ANH FX/V2's will be made with the exact measurements my RnD pulled from working with the original alloy from my Original '76 run, and will come with the stock alu emitter. The cast hilts will also have small amounts of the original material mixed into the standard a356 casting alu to make these to just give it that extra "oomph."

While this is primarily an interest run mainly for the V2/Stunt FX hilt, and I wasn't anticipating any interest in raw casts and V3's, should there be any interest, I'm offering those, too.

These hilts and their prices will reflect the scarcity of the original alloy and the dangers in using the amounts I have to melt down. 4145 not used as much anymore, is difficult to source (regulated by having a higher amount of silicon in them), and the gas it releases when melted is poisonous. To put it into perspective, the amount I need to melt releases enough silicon gas to harm small animals. I'm not suffering this for nothing.

DM or Comment for interest

  • V2 - Fully machined to specs; come with separate stock alu emitter and nipple, cast alu (a356) body with small amounts of original prop alloy (4145) mixed in, cast pommel; d-ring, drive shaft, cone knob, and replica boot stud. Sold as kit: 1400 USD Shipped
  • ANH STUNT FX - Same specifications as above but will be fully painted/finished, with replica clamp and lever, and rigged with a motor using modern equivalents to the original parts. Will also come with mock fencing stunt, replicating the square dowels with reflective tape that were interchanged during production of ANH. Sold Fully Finished: 1800 USD Shipped
  • V3 - Cleaned and machined where appropriate to specifics of the V3 hilt; will be made of the same "hybrid" mix that the V2/FX hilt is made with. Comes with drive shaft, seperate cast emitter, d-ring. Sold as kit: 1200 USD Shipped
  • Raw Cast - Straight from the sand molds with some minimal clean up on my end where needed, these will be from my lineage master pattern (as the rest of the options are) and made of the same hybrid material as they are. Sold as-is: 800 USD Shipped


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This investment will be worth it if anyone signs on!

Personally, if you are lathing stock emitters with the nipple piece I’d be down to swap out my original poopapapapalps
Personally, if you are lathing stock emitters with the nipple piece I’d be down to swap out my original poopapapapalps

I originally thought about it, dunno who of the original Lineage run would be interested in it though seeing how vastly different they are compared to the real things I can make now.

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