Millennium Falcon painting guide?


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Is there a thread for painting the 32 inch Falcon on here? Specifically the layers of different color on the different colored panels.

I'm a noob who hasn't done a plastic model in almost 30 years so I decided I could tackle the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon.

I'm using Archive X ESB acrylic paint set and my base coat is almost done so it's time to turn my thoughts to where the rest of these colors go and in what order I need to apply them.

Hopefully as I pull the other colors out and play with them things will become more apparent but I could use a lot of help right now.


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Steve Dymszo teamed with DeAgostini a few years bach to create a 4-part video painting guide for their 32" Millennium Falcon, and also a video with the backstory on how the replica was created. Since this video series was released, Archive X released their Floquil replica paints, but this video series is still worthwhile on the techniques.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Creating a replica of the Empire model:

Hope this helps!

Well you saw my falcon on Facebook, haha. I'll get you a pick of the plastic wedge thingy I used for the streaks later today when I go downstairs to paint.


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