Miami Vice Crockett's Gun- replica???


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Hi gang,
I've always wanted to know what gun was used by Don Johnson on Miami Vice. A quick google yesterday revealed it to be the Bren Ten.

Apparently there's one airsoft version out there but every freaking airsoft dealer I checked was "sold out".

Anybody got any leads on any other replica? Even resin?




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The piece that Crockett carried at first was a Smith & Wesson model 645. Then a year or two later, he switched to the S&W model 4506.


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I believe he used a Sig in the first couple of eposide, then switched to Bren Ten, then later to SW 645, and then to SW 4506. He also used a Detonics Combat Master as a back up. I am not sure about the others, but MGC (model gun corp) did make some Detonics in the past, and KSC made some Sig. I have no idea what Sunny will be using in the movie.

Add: The holster he used is Galco Miami Shoulder Holster.


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I've been trying to get a bren ten airsoft for a couple of years with no luck. Short of going to japan and getting one there, I don't think too mant dealers carry them.
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