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Still a viable concept even with out Will and Tommy Lee, hopefully they will not screw it up


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Still a viable concept even with out Will and Tommy Lee, hopefully they will not screw it up
Yeah I agree with this. Maybe take a page from Bright and have one of the aliens be an agent this time? After all the first film showed that if the aliens play by the rules etc they could be citizens. Also maybe play into the modern themes of immigration reflected in today's world.

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Greetings MIB Agents, Bugs, Archillians, Civils, and Scum of the Universe...

The Men in Black will be returning!! To a big screen at a galaxy near you.


The film was originally slated for release on May 17, 2019 but has since been pushed back to June 14, 2019. Columbia Pictures, owned by Sony, will be producing the film. Writers Matt Holloway and Art Marcum were enlisted to write the script. The writers are best known for their work on Jon Favreau's Iron Man and Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight. The director F. Gary Gray, most recently known for Straight Outta Compton and The Fate of the Furious, has been chosen to direct the film.

While it had been leaked during that Sony hacks that they were considering a cross over film between MIB and 21 Jumpstreet, that idea has been scrapped in favor of a complete reboot, possibly spin off. The director worded it as a "Spinoff grounded in the original premise." It was also said that purpose is to relaunch the franchise with a new cast.

Steven Spielberg will be the executive producer once again. Producers Walter Parks and Laurie Macdonald have said the film will be reinvented as a trilogy. Chris Hemsworth is officially in negotiations with Sony to star as one of the MIB agents. The new MIB story will take place in London, England.

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Now, my personal thoughts...

I'm very excited for a new MIB film and even trilogy! That being said, I am very skeptical as it seems 90's movies are being rebooted and ruined left and right. I think the 21 Jumpstreet-MIB was horrendous and I'm very glad that was scrapped. I can only hope the new spinoff will be much better than that idea! ..But I will not hold my breath! I would much prefer to have a reboot than some spoofy spin off of an already comedic movie. I would love to see Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith return as MIB directors or senior agents! So, I am skeptical, but excited!

Now. Let me speculate or conspiracy theorize a little...
After MIB 3, I have taken a love for the Kingsman movies for their uncanny resemblance to Men in black and the plethora of MIB references found in them; Such as the unlikely and maladjusted young man chosen to be an agent of a secret organization that polices and monitors the planet earth, the main character has a pug as his sidekick, is partnered up with a father figure senior agent, high-tech weaponry, memory erasers, memory un-erasers, etc, etc. Kingsman: The Secret Service appeared to me as an MIB spinoff in the first place, but set in England. Now, Kingsman: The Golden Circle brings the setting back to the United States. In fact I felt that Kingsman 2 uncannily mirrored the plot of MIB 2. Men in Black was set in New York, and now it's moving to... London, England? Why.. Just why? Anyway, the coincidences are far too many for me! So, I wonder...will we be seeing a MIB - Kingsman crossover instead? Sounds crazy.. but it's certainly not crazier than a 21 Jumpstreet-MIB crossover. And one connection to consider is that Channing Tatum starred as an agent in 21 Jumpstreet, but he also starred as an Agent in Kingsman:The Golden Circle. So, I do believe there is cause for speculation that we could be seeing a Men in Black crossover with Kingsman instead of 21 Jumpstreet. Food for thought!

I can totally see a MIB-Kingsman crossover working. Their worlds are very similar. That being said, I don't know how I would feel about such a cross-over. I feel like it would take away from the MIB franchise, but at the same time I really love the Kingsman movies too. Much like MIB, Kingsman has a perfect balance of seriousness and humor along with a strong dose of buttkicking. Atlas' I would much rather see a continuation of the MIB films with an MIB 4! If not, then I would much rather see a reboot of MIB minus the spinoff!

Feel free to add any MIB film release details as they arise or share your thoughts!

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I actually thought the 21 Jump Street mashup would have been good. MiB 2 and 3 were not as cool as the first and packed with forced humor. The 21JS movies were funny. At least the crossover would have been funnier than the last two MiB's.

Regardless of my opinions, all I really care about is another possible chance that someone will replicate the MiB 1 neuralyzer with the digital year display.


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I just don't see the need for more of these.

I mean, what would they do? Yet another alien or alien species threatening Earth? They pretty much used that up during the first three movies.


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Love MIB! Second one was horrible, but 3 was nice seeing it on screen.

I thought they could have always focused on different agents in the same time line

Something to look forward to! I’m excited

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MIB spin-off Men in Black International also stars Emma Thompson as Agent O as seen in Men in Black 3, so this movie is set in the previous MIB universe.

@chrishemsworth: " #FBF shooting MIB with my partner in galaxy protection @TessaThompson_x when we were ripping aliens a new one. From memory, this shot was taken in between set ups when we noticed some criminal activity on the streets in London. #MIBInternational @MenInBlack "

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I've never really been a huge MIB fan, so this will need to have an amazing trailer to get me to the theater to see it.

Gonna need a lot more than a Thor and Valkyrie reunion.


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Love MIB, and I'll probably see this one.

The only thing I don't get is... international? Considering the MIB's MO is rehabilitating alien life forms to Earth society and defending Earth from the bad ones, hasn't that always been something of an international gig? I mean, lets face it, I'd assume there's MIB offices all over the world. NYC can't be the only place on the planet aliens are visiting.

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Now I’m not a misogynist or against women or anything like that, but aren’t these movies called MEN in Black?
It’s fine casting a female for a lead role in the film, but someone’s got to at least change the title to reflect that, or else it’s just weird.


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eh, no they don't. it's an org with no real honest to god official name, because they "don't exist", and they'd adopted the moniker that conspiracy theorists called them back in the day when they first showed up and happened to be all men.

You need them to go rename the X-Men too?