Melted Vader Sculpt (Rise of Skywalker Version)


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Just read this whole thread. Honestly, I was always unimpressed by the melted Vader helmet in the movies. But now, I have a whole new appreciation for it. Your attention to detail and level of accuracy are amazing. I won’t look at it the same again. Absolute work of art!


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Really getting excited for this. How are you guys planning on displaying yours? Or if anyones got the V1 or V2 helmets how are they currently displayed?
Good discussion, I would be interested in the dimensions. I plan to present it in an IKEA Detolf alongside my other helmets.
Does the Melted Vader fit in a Detolf :)?


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Just picked up a digital copy of the ROS Visual Dictionary, not sure if anyones noticed before but there looks to be a chunk of mesh deep down inside the mouthpiece. Should be pretty easy to add ourselves if desired, its probably just screen door material.
... Nice Find Blando!!! Great pic!
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