Medieval Bat. Man Armor

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  1. Prince

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    Medieval Bat. Man Armor

    Head to toe full custom all leather suit of armor. The concept set in a medieval inspired fantasy universe.

    It all started as your every day veg-tanned leather and was heavily wet-molded throughout. Faceplate is removable btw.

    Full sized download available on DA.

    More of such things in my DA gallery Azmal on deviantART and at PRINCE ARMORY

    The buckle was sent by the client for me to use. I was told it was from one of the Batman Movies.
    Disclaimer - This is in no way associated with Batman, DC, or Warner Brothers

    Check out our new venture, Imperial Armories.
    Deviant Art: ImperialArmories on deviantART Imperial Armories - Premium Armor and Leather Goods

    Please check out our Facebook page and give us a Like : )
    Prince Armory | Facebook
    (More pictures of this in the Facebook gallery too)

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  2. Gary Pahls

    Gary Pahls Well-Known Member

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    Incredible!! Fantastic piece of art!
  3. mosarmini

    mosarmini Active Member

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    332'M JELLY BRO! That's honestly the best Batman I have seen, even better than the Darth Batman mash-up (in my opinion of course) good work sir :)
  4. superDrool

    superDrool Sr Member

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    Love all the work put into this masterpiece!! Bravo x 100. :)

    My only issue is the chin section seems to hinder the movement downward, as I see it's maxed out when in the sitting position in the first photo.
  5. Rikarus

    Rikarus Well-Known Member

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    holy crap!!! That is amazing I want that for Ren Fair!!!
  6. hydin

    hydin Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Holy ****.

    Dude that is freaking sweet.

    Oddly enough the only thing that looks a little off to me is the buckle :lol

    Very cool design!
  7. Jedifyfe

    Jedifyfe Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    OMG!! Could you imagine how cool this would be if this was used in a PREQUAL Batman movie. As if the Wayne family had a history of this type of character!!!

    How friggin' cool this armor is!
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  8. Igniitus

    Igniitus Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I cant evern begin to comprehend the fabrication..
  9. hydin

    hydin Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    The little bat-fingers are awesome.

  10. Judge Spartan

    Judge Spartan Sr Member

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    Simply OUTSTANDING!!!!
  11. Jawafive

    Jawafive Sr Member

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    That. Is. Effing. Awesome.
  12. usconcept

    usconcept Well-Known Member

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    Wow.... that's amazing. Great job!
  13. Royal Dump

    Royal Dump Active Member

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    I have been rendered speechless beyond this point.
  14. G33k

    G33k Member

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    Holy crap
  15. Lucien Kane

    Lucien Kane Well-Known Member

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    ... WOW ...

    I mean what do you say to this other than wow?

    Brings an entirely new connotation to the term Dark Knight... in the best way.
  16. Joe Pep

    Joe Pep Active Member

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    This looks awesome!!! I thought the whole thing looked spooky, til I went to the Facebook page and saw the model without the helmet sitting on the throne. He looks like he totally is getting into the part. Man this Armour is evil, now we know what would happen if batman ever got his hands on sauron's ring of power....
  17. GeektressGalore

    GeektressGalore Well-Known Member

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    This is ALL KINDS of badass. You win the internet, sir. WELL DONE! :D
  18. Dirtyrodriguez

    Dirtyrodriguez New Member

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    That looks awesome! I want one :)
  19. thijs2

    thijs2 Member

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  20. Alric

    Alric Well-Known Member

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    Great suit, it has a very vampire knight look to it.
  21. mothmonty

    mothmonty Well-Known Member

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    blows my mine, nice work! Love the picture too
  22. Weiver

    Weiver New Member

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    This is bar none the most amazing Batsuit/armor I have ever seen or quite possibly will ever see. My hat is off to you. Holy flying carp!
  23. poopymcbutthole

    poopymcbutthole Sr Member

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    OMG , YOU ARE INCREDIBLE you look like if batman was a character in dark souls!
  24. Guri

    Guri Sr Member

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    :love:love:love BEAUTIFUL! Amazing work...

    I too instantly thought this costume alone could inspire a whole series of fantasy hero films from this era. Before I saw this I thought there were too many batman films. :lol
  25. Ghadrack

    Ghadrack Sr Member

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    This is one of the coolest original things I've seen in ages. Simply awe inspiring. Thanks for posting!
  26. pitchforknumb

    pitchforknumb Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Good god thats amazing. :eek :eek :eek
  27. Blurr

    Blurr New Member

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    This is sick!
  28. Lord Magneto

    Lord Magneto Well-Known Member

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    that is badass
  29. aeonpulse

    aeonpulse Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    WHOA. Somebody needs to create Skyrim mod for this!
  30. Felgacarb

    Felgacarb Well-Known Member

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    Wow. And also, more wow...
  31. Jayn

    Jayn Sr Member

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    OK, now I totally want to see this in a period movie, with the Joker as the evil castle jester :lol

    Fantastic work sir!! (y)thumbsup(y)thumbsup:thumbsup
  32. Hutch Evenings

    Hutch Evenings New Member

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    I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said; Brilliant work, Sir.
  33. Dung0beetle

    Dung0beetle Well-Known Member

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    Still has more freedom of movement than this.

  34. The Ronin

    The Ronin Well-Known Member

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    Wait, that's molded leather? WTF?!

    That's just, WOW. :eek
  35. Eveningarwen

    Eveningarwen Well-Known Member

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    I love this! My favorite costumes are when they are "inspired by" or something of that like. The detail and skill in this is absolutely stunning! Like others have said before I can't say much other then I'm gobsmacked and incredibly jealous of your talent.
  36. Prince

    Prince New Member

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    Thanks for the great feedback, glad everyone likes it so much. I hope to do other spinoff medieval/fantasy themes in the future. It's a lot of fun (and work).
  37. yon4z

    yon4z New Member

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    Looks Freaking AWESOME!
    Well done Dude.
  38. iOneUpMyFriends

    iOneUpMyFriends New Member

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    Sweet geezus.
  39. 4505marcel

    4505marcel Active Member

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    Nice lovin the concept
  40. Apollo

    Apollo Legendary Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    :eek By all that's Holy!!! :eek
  41. Deakin Droon

    Deakin Droon New Member

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    This is awesome, totally looks like it should have been in the "Return of Bruce Wayne" story arc that happen last year or so.
  42. brutalmagic

    brutalmagic New Member

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    That is one sweet suit! cannot believe thats just leather.
  43. EyeofSauron

    EyeofSauron Master Member

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    i would so make a fan film with this, if i had that costume :D i think this is my favorite costume on the rpf so far
  44. SithLars

    SithLars New Member

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    WTF?! Thats f***ing awesome! Maybe one of the best Batman realisation iv´e ever seen! Would also be a great idea for an medival batman Movie!! Oh I would love to see that...

    Regards Lars
  45. Fierfek

    Fierfek Sr Member

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    Impressive, most impressive. This costume makes me actually like Batman even though I'm not a big DC fan.
  46. Indys brother

    Indys brother Active Member

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    What everyone else said. Truly a Dark Knight. Amazeballs.
  47. animefan

    animefan Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    just sick man, I love it.
  48. Doh2

    Doh2 Sr Member

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    Stunning work! And I totally agree with this:

  49. BornKilr

    BornKilr Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    That's about the coolest s**t I've seen in some time! Finally gives me inspiration to try my homemade German pickelhaube helmet with boiled leather. Incredible work!
  50. DrakeC13

    DrakeC13 Member

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    I'm not a batman fan but... DAYUM do want! That is a seriously awesome looking suit!

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