Mazinger Z and Base (1/60)


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1/60 scale model of Mazinger Z and his base (both custom made). Admittedly, I kind of went "free-form" a bit on the base:



The feet still need some work, it needs the hover pilder, and the ear horns as well. And yes: the base is made ENTIRELY from VHS cassettes (weighs a TON!!). Also, the entire forearm on both arms....


Stay tuned...


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Nice! I love the idea of VHS cassettes as walls. But I have to ask, did you first gut them and throw out the actual tape? Also there's some other little gizmos to be liberated from inside that could be used as greeblies in there. Could help on the weight.

If you haven't done this already, it's probably too late, but, in any case, it looks pretty cool, and the weight will probably help keep it wobbling.



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I got the rocket punch done for both arms, and as a bonus, found pieces that not only seal up the elbow ends and reinforce the combined arm mode, they also have small round details that look like the exit ports for the "drill missiles" that Mazinger can launch from his elbows.

Stay tuned....


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It began life as a 1/6 "Soldiers of the World" figure that I custom built hands, feet, a head and modified the body for. Most of the work is cardboard and masking tape:




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Brilliant! For the rocket fists you could model exhaust flames around the extending rods to gide them. looks awesome just as it is, though.
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