Mass Effect - Eclipse mercs references?


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Having seen some of the nifty costumes put together for Mass Effect, I was thinking of trying one out myself. Since the N7 and main cast seem well covered, I thought it might be fun to try to do an Eclipse mercenary.

Since most of the Eclipse characters featured in the movies are female, I've been having a hard time digging up images of the male version of their armor. The few there are clear shots of are either in shadows or have 'tech armor' up so I can't clearly see the suit beneath.

It appears to be the same model the Blue Suns use, but it uses a different skin and the handful of computer-savvy friends I've bugged have not been able to snag any clear turn-arounds of it.

So! Reaching out to the RPF... do any of you have access to clear images of the Eclipse guys?
I've got a bunch of the 3D files, I'll see if I can dig through and find you something. Are you handy with 3D modeling (ie Blender)?
Sadly no. I'm not even good with the one in my kitchen. :confused

A friend was able to pull up "HMM_ARM_HVYa_MDL", which appears to have been 'package' BioD_N7Spdr2.pcc, is that means anything to you (it means nothing to me). It was the Blue Suns version of the same generic trooper body, but looking at the screenshots I have a lot of details appear to be in the skin covering the model, rather than it being a simple color swap.

Anything you can find would be greatly appreciated. :)
Yea i know what that stuff means. I believe the mercs used the same basic model and some minor differences like textures are specific to the respective skin.

Just to clarify, you are looking for the human male eclipse trooper right?

I'd seen the second one, but the details didn't quite match the other shots I have... I think it's an early render or something. I didn't have the first one though, and it's helpful on several of the details I was wondering about! :)
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