Mass Effect 2 - Cerberus Assault Armor

Captain Ahmazing

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So, I'm new to the forums, but I wanted to see what you all thought of the progress on my EVA foam Cerberus Assault Armor from Mass Effect 2. (Constructive criticism welcomed).

It's my first time working with foam, and I know a lot more now than I knew when I first started. I will probably make another one just to correct mistakes I made on this one.

I know most people have been doing the N7 armor, but I didn't want to do the same stuff everyone else was doing, so I did the Cerberus Assault type.

Anyway, pics are on my blog: The Stealth Geek Collective

I'll be wearing it Saturday at Dragon*Con 2011.
Looking good so far! I would have loved to see how it actually fits when worn. I think your collar might stand just a little tall when compared to a screenshot. Are you going to be wearing the helmet with this or going without?
Cool choice, I don't think I've seen anyone do the Cerberus version yet. Im interested in seeing your completed helmet!
I wont have the helmet for Dragon*Con, but I am looking to make it in the future. I think someone here on RPF has a 3D file of it. I will probably PM them and see if they'll give it to me.
Okay, I'm done!!

Check it out!





It was plexiglass (acrylic) sheets in various thicknesses. I am going to make an omni blade with orange acrilyc, but this time I will glue the peices together with acrylic glue.
Ahmazing, cool ya did a incredible job on ya Cerebus armor real clean too. You should do a build thread on th' Omni Tool though.
Cool build, I did the Commander Shepard armor for our convention her on the 12th. Next project is the Omni Blade seen in the ME3 images. First time working with Acrylics, so should be interesting ;)
Ok the lights and all are cool...but goodness, the way you did that bionics hand is amazing! Seriously, one of the most unique things I've seen by far!
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