costume help

  1. topher thomas

    Item 17a Iron Spider Suit Build

    Hello, everyone! I’m new to posting at RPF, and I’m happy to learn how things work around here. I finally decided to register with the forum and make a WIP build log for the MCU Iron Spider Suit I’m currently working on because it’s a suit I’ve wanted to try making since Infinity War… and I...
  2. St3althg1ng3r

    Looking for the material used in Heimdall's cloak.

    Im trying to find the fabric used for Heimdall's cloak in Thor Ragnarok.Does anyone know what was used or similar?
  3. S

    Movie Quality Jedi Robes

    Hello there! I’ve always wanted to have a very high quality jedi costume, and I was hoping to get some information on how I can get one made for me. I know nothing about costumes, as my focus has mainly been on movie props and lightsabers. So this world is all new to me, and I’d love to learn...
  4. Patronic27


    Hey everyone! I'm a major Spider-Man fan and cosplayer like many of you out there and was considering buying this already made Spider-Man suit from a seller on Instagram. This suit has no webbing or logos printed or painted onto it which is perfect for me as I have always wanted to make a suit...
  5. ArtisticThingem

    Realistic Feathered Raptor Costume--In Progress, Looking for Tips!

    Hi RPF! I've stalked these boards on occasion, but I've finally made an account and thread all my own for the titular project--a full-body costume of a raptor dinosaur, Deinonychus. It's intended to be as accurate as possible within the limitations of my artistic skill and human form, and I hope...
  6. tykale

    Star Trek: Voyager Season 2 Episode 23 - Fear Costume

    Hi All, so, I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into the fabric used for the character of Fear on Star Trek Voyager S2:23. I've got an idea for an impromptu live performance piece that is cross genre and the character of Fear would be an integral part of that. Any help or insight into the...
  7. machine74

    Teen Titans: Robin accessories

    My son is going as Robin for whatever shape Halloween takes this year, and we're hooking him up with a good costume, but me being me I thought I would add some accessories to make it pop. I've seen some communicator and Robin-a-rangs on Etsy, and looking at a foam bo staff on Amazon. Are there...
  8. D

    Want to Buy Michael Myers Costume

    Hello, I was looking to give my 3 year running Michael Myers costume an upgrade and give it the new coveralls from the 2018 movie. Sadly, the Workrite 7 oz charcoal grey coveralls used are discontinuing and they are stopping all production. I’ve spent hours calling many different facilities...
  9. sammiethebun

    HELP figuring out how this skirt from Six the Musical was constructed?

    Alright, so this is an extremely strange skirt. The green material is vinyl and the black is a faux leather. As you can see in some shots, the green vinyl seems to be the base layer with the faux leather over top. What is the best way of going about this, given that the squares and leather are...