man of steel

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  1. Arkalel

    Jor-El Man of Steel Krypton Armor

    Anyone have a pep file for the Jor-El Man of Steel Krypton Amor?
  2. silkscreener

    Superman MOS Justice League Emblem Shields

    Hi All, I will be selling these at new price of at $140 Tracked worldwide Choice of- Red+ Blue & Black+Silver in- Man of Steel 2013 version (large) Dawn of justice 2016 ( large and medium) Justice league 2017/2021 version ( large only for now) Versions THE LATEST VERSION 3 is in with...
  3. Megan Shaw

    Faora UL Comic Con Cosplay

    Hi all. This is my first time posting on this site. Comic Con is finally coming to Cape Town in 2020, and I decided to make my first ever foam armour! I am writing this post as I've nearly finished my costume and want to share it with you all. I decided to do Faora UL from Man of Steel. For...
  4. L

    Man Of Steel Suit

    Hi! I'm new in the world of cosplay and i want to make a Man Of Steel suit, but i don't know what kind of material i have to buy. I did an investigation and i know that i have to buy 4 way stretch lycra fabric, glissenetee fabric, and then i print the chainmail design. But can anyone help me...
  5. 6ringsguerra

    Henry Cavill Superman Cape

    Greetings RPF users. I am looking to commission someone to make me an "Man of Steel Cape" as seen in the movie. I need someone whom can sew and has lots of experience with a variety of velvet, such as stretch velvet and how it needs to be sewn (velvet has to flow one way or it will not look...
  6. S

    Faora's Armor 2017 - Man of Steel

    Hello. I wanted to share how my Faora armor is coming along and wanted to thank the many folks on this site that helped by posting their pictures of their armor. Mine is mostly EVA foam, but I used thermo-plastics on the boots and thigh pieces to make them sturdy. This is my first attempt using...
  7. silkscreener

    Limited Run Justice League MOS Superman Dawn Of Justice Emblem Shield + Trim

    Hi All, I will be selling these Justice League MOS Superman Dawn Of Justice Emblems at $160. Painted in Silver. Including 5-7 day Shipping to the United States, other destinations and I will have to add extra if its necessary. Free shipping also in the UK. It measures at about 230 x 340 mms...
  8. ultron

    Closer look at actual production-used Man of Steel muscle suit.

    I found this listing of one of the Man of Steel muscle suits used in production. This gives a closer look than I've seen before of both the material and chrome shading used on the muscle suits, but also more details regarding the sculpt. You can also see how relatively thin the muscle suit was...
  9. Dirtbag11

    DCEU Aquaman armor build

    I've started an Aquaman armor build from the upcoming Justice League movie, and I thought I'd document my progress.
  10. M

    Man of Steel 'S' shield - help needed

    Hi Guys I'm finishing up my MoS costume for Halloween this weekend and I've found a 3D printer in Soho who can print the 'S' shield in 3D for me which should really help make the costume stand out. Only issue is they need the S shield with markings as an STL file. Does anyone have or know...
  11. M

    Superman Suit questions

    So i have been planning on getting a Superman suit for a convention i'm going to, by any chance do any of you guys here know a place/store where I can get one for around 150-300 USD ?
  12. ClayTheSpider15

    Custom Superman Help and Build Thread

    Hey Everyone, This is my first Superman build, and in general first DC build, but i made this design for my halloween costume but I need help figuring out what I'll need. Can you guys who are good with these things help out? Thnx!
  13. greatkeyboard18

    MoS command Key and GL Movie Ring ?

    hi does anyone know were to find the most screen accurate Man of Steel Command Key and Green Lantern Movie Power Ring ?
  14. logan74k

    Pros - what's this? Man of Steel undersuit question

    Hey guys, having done some research on the Man of Steel/BvS suits, there is a sculpted muscle undersuit which has a chrome finish to create an interesting effect as the reflection shows through the dark blue 'chainmail'. My understanding is that the sculpted muscle pieces are adhered to a...
  15. G

    Man of Steel Suit build on a budget

    Cape is red microsuede from JoAnn's. The foam used is a high density green foam also from JoAnn's. The black undersuit was ordered from Amazon and the fabric is called Yale Matte Glissenette/chiffon from Your Designs item 2m-100. Yes it is a 4 way stretch. The pictures show it as bright blue but...
  16. IronArmy87

    Post Your Superman BVS: Dawn of Justice Costume builds here

    I've seen some amazing builds at the new Superman emblem from BVS: Dawn of Justice so far. Although i've seen so many for the batsuit, I know there is more out there for Superman's suit. Post yours here!
  17. SonofThomp

    MoS or DOJ Superman Costume build (trim)

    Hi All, I'm new here, but avid fan. So I have a man of steel costume I'm upgrading, but the problem is that i cant for the life of me find any vendors who make the urethane trim pieces. Frightful acts USED to but their site is gone, the owner doesn't respond to Facebook, so Its a shot in the...
  18. O

    Rubber-esk Man of Steel look. How do I get it?

    Hello all, I have been looking for this for a while and I'm at a bit of a loss, hence my inquiry. I am planning on doing a late 80's early 90's Punisher costume and I am wanting the texture to look similar to the Man of Steel Superman costume. I have the first two layers planned out, the suit...
  19. ArmandDavid

    BvS:DOJ Robin

    Robin isn't confirmed to be in any of the DC Cinematic Universe yet, but I decided to do a concept of the 3rd Robin (Tim Drake) if he were to be in the movie. Loosely based off of the short lived New 52 Tim Drake Robin costume I'd guess that the Robin suit is not much different from the...
  20. xEVANSx

    New 52 Superman

    After the success of my Man of Steel build (, I decided to stick with the Superman theme and build a New 52 version. I'll be posting updates and progress here, and I'll do my best to list where I got all of my materials...
  21. Patrick031290

    Man of Steel chest emblem

    Hi guys! i would like a little advice from you, i got an "S" emblem made of urethane and it's matte, any idea how i can get it glossy without damaging anything like color or the material itself? hope you can help me with that guys! Cheers
  22. G

    A teaser for my new project....A MoS 2 jacket

    separate plates for the breasts of the jacket... This right plate has the chipped piece and the cracks like in the teaser photo.
  23. Superman0052

    New 52 Superman Suit Cosplay (Pic Heavy)

    Hi, noob here. I've been planning on making Superman's suit from the New 52 comics. Some poeple seem to hate on it, but, though I am an avid Superman enthusiest and obssessionist lol, this is bar far the best adaptation of it in my opinion. Especially in the Superman Unchained run by Jim Lee...
  24. Belleb08

    Girl (Woman) of Steel

    Hi!! Now I have seen some amazing work on Man of Steel Cosplays and I want to get in on the action as a female and create a Girl/Woman of Steel cosplay. I have been in love with this artwork for a long time and now that I have Wonder Woman under my belt it is time for a new challenge and to...
  25. BR2814

    Man Of Steel Superman & Superfamily, and Smallville's The Blur at WonderCon 2014

    Hi Everyone, posting Saturday and Sunday WonderCon 2014 photos. Saturday - A new Man Of Steel suit with my wife and kids. The second photo is by Brent Sanchez Photography. The third photo is by Caitlin Holland at Comic Book Resources. Photo with Wonder Woman is by Calvin Lee. Suit is Frontier...

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