Maleficent 2 - Mistress of Evil


Is anyone working on this costumes? Any ideas? The skin tattoo one looks like latex paint and fabric. The cape one looks like it has some sort of oregami crows on the collar



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I agree on the latex. But origami? The one with all the bones looks like bird skull replicas of various sizes sewn to make the collar. The beaks look like they were dipped in gold paint.


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I'm mainly using the new trailer to fix various angles of my horns (I original sculpted and cast them then I used photometry to create 3D file that I'm editing.) The new headpieces are pretty closely fitted which show all the curves and markings so much better now!

But yeah definitely bird skulls- Pretty good view of them too, enough to recreate them. I think there is another gown with wire and woven leather.

The latex pieces are probably heavily CGI as well. There was a lot in the previous film to eliminate silicon edges etc.