Kid Omega

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Made this last fall, figured I might as well post him for those who remember the character. (Sorry about any screwy formatting, been a while since I've been here.)

The mask was sculpted with Magic Sculpt and the wig is attached with snaps. Skeletal pieces were yoinked from a Halloween skeleton and attached to an undershirt. Goop and skin is all caulking silicone lol (I know, I know!) with some fairy lights put in. At some point after the first time wearing it for a con, there must have been a wire break because half of them stopped working and I had to put new ones in.
I DO have a Smiley pin! He was unfortunately put in a spot where he was always hidden by hair in every picture lol
Wig I think was probably from either Arda or Epic Cosplay that I styled myself.

Definitely a lot I'd do differently or fix if I were to update it, but overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.






Character for reference:


Now all I need is a Lady Death!

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