Making your own Maquette/Toy

franz bolo

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Lets say I want to make my own toy.

If I can get it into a 3D program, I can get it printed out in 3D in plastic. Like what does.

Now I have a prototype. I know the surface is rough and you can't cast right off of it, so where do I go from here?

I want to make Maquettes from the original.

Is it easier hiring a sculptor to make the parts and then cast it from clay?

Who on the RPF, is the best/experienced at doing these type of projects?

I'd like to be able to make the final product out of Vinyl if possible.




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it kinda depends on what you want to do with it.

if you had a "kit" form to put together, you could always sand down the printed one, get rid of the finish, clearcoat it, mold it and boom, instant resin goodness.

vinyl.... that im not so sure about. might be kinda on the $$$ side if it involves injection molded plastics.

i ran into a few roadblocks with it a few years back (but didnt have access to cad or sites like the one that prints it out ;) ). good luck with whatever you get rolling.

franz bolo

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Thanks for the reply.

I like the kit form idea.

The big problem would be sanding the toy.

I'd hate to break it and Idon't know how easy the toy would be to sand. I've only seen photos of this process and have never worked with a plastic printed piece before.



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There are other methods of rapid prototyping other than 3darttopart that can produce better detail/finish. It would be hard for me to give you advice without knowing what you want to create. There are other rapid prototype threads on this board that can provide you with better information if you do a search for them. A new member was dicussing this very thing, and I think he might be ideal to contact. I think his name was appliedmetal or something like that.
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