Making Comeback to Prop Replicas


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Heyo guys!

So... I'm the guy from Russia who did that clone trooper costume (man, I was 16 back in the day)...
And so much have changed now. I live in US now. Finished university, got a job. And I finally got a big desire to comeback to making props!

Yet, the issue I'm having is that I live in the apartment complex. With no access to a workshop or garage where I can do my dirty stuff with sanding and painting.
I was just wondering how's everybody is making their props? Maybe there's a good way to do it at home? Or maybe finding a good place where you do that and not bother others and making dust in your house?

Eventually I plan to get a 3d printer and get into dirty work with making armor props.

PS, just a reminder, here's my work ;)


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Welcome back! If you have an extra room I would just make the space work for you. Another option is to see if there is a local Makers Club or Community on your area? :)

Zombie Killer

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Depending on how long you need you could look at storage units. Rent for a couple months. They usually have electricity. I see guys working on their cars in some places.


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Glad to see someone remembers me, thank you!

Arc, I don't consider myself talented back in the day. It's... hard to explain. It was my obsessed purpose back in the day, and honestly it had a huge impact for me in terms of my character development... even though it sounds silly, how can costume making do that? :D

As of the topic, I live in a studio, so there's not much extra space I can dedicate to crafting. I already ordered 3d printer and I'm gonna start to just test it out and see what I can do with that. For these years I've gained quite a good amount of 3d models I can use for that.

Eventually I plan to make a figure of Darth Revan based on my recent model.