Greedo Killer DL-44 Prop Discussion - Whatever happened to it?


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So just out of curiosity, do we have any idea what ever happened to the screen-used Greedo Killer prop after the post-production images of Harrison Ford with it were taken?

Given the state of the prop at that time I have to assume that the entire thing was disassembled and then hastily rebuilt for the production images, hence why the different scope rings and the one football clamp out in the front that isn't attached to anything (either the Compac scope was being used on another prop where both clamps were attached to something, or the scope had been cut down just in front of the knob and the front clamp was holding both halves of the tube together).

Does anyone have any ideas or input on this? I just haven't see anyone talk about the fate of this prop, so I'm only left assuming it vanished into the ether of Lucasfilm's archives somewhere? Or could the base MGC have even been recycled into one of the latter DL-44s used on ESB?


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