Mad Max: Fury Road Costume Thread


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Hey guys, this is my first post in this thread but I've been lurking since the beginning, and my goal ever since has been nailing 'Grizzly Max's outfit. Much of the stuff on here has been the standard Max outfit, the SADF vest, pouches, etc, but I wanted to focus on the prologue Max, as very few have delved into those details. Anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 19.58.12.png Starting with the side view.

What we have is layers of gear, the top most being one of these:
6215255.jpg The british M85 webbing is the only type that has those little ring conenctors. They are usualy looped around the soldier's belt in the same way as their pouches and poncho rolls, but in our case the look is hooked into a chest rig, much like this:

MOLLE-Chest-Rig-Platform-Multicam-300915-2.JPG While it is hard to confirm the exact brand, the things that are obvious is that is a camo pattern chest rig, with backpack-style shoulder harnesses that do not cross over. Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 20.04.02.png (This strap on his back linking the two shoulder straps is camo patterned)

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 20.07.32.png The rib-section of the chest rig is attached to a shoulder strap using a metal d-shackle. 31PZCnYTomL.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 20.11.13.png The other strap of the M85 harness is hooked around a similar m85 belt, grade_2_belt2_1024x1024.jpg

Contrary to belief there is not a back-rig to this jacket, it is all straps and buckles, together with the airplane seatbelt buckle across the shoulder.

I am in the process of sewing together a mock-up to properly display all this, as I don't really fancy clogging this thread with photos that I'm, sure we all have. Hopefully some of this is helpful,


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Making a start on my Max outfit - it definitely won't be as accurate as many of the ones featured in here since I've got a pretty tight turnaround time - but the tips and tricks have been absolutely invaluable so far.
Finished the Max shirt - not sure if I need to go darker round the neck or not as it seems to change slightly from shot to shot?
Original shirt was a River Island waffle knit long sleeve in stone.
First pass of acrylic washes (still wet)
Dried shirt
Will start some work on the jacket I'm using for a base tonight, the cut off sleeve will be used for straps but I'm having real trouble locating a shoulder plate in the UK...


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Some work on the jacket I'm using as a base to make it more accurate. Was originally a lot longer - cut the bottom off which I'll then hem - temporarily tucked and glued the lining under and I'll add Chicago screws to the lapels as studs.


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Hello again! I would like to give my opinion on the "Grizzly Max" setup. While the 1958 British webbing seems about right, I think the chest rig, although it is definitely multicam, seems to be a different kind of rig, unless I am mistaken, since this is only my input.
As you can see, the rig seems to have some kind of upper chest "plate" with MOLLE straps. From what I can find, few chest rigs add up to this, especially since the rig used in the movie has "backpack-style" straps. The closest rigs I have found to Aerixis' descriptions are these: (Desert-colored version, not Multicam) (Same as first, just Multicam)

and this one: (No multicam variant)

Thank you guys!
Remember this is only my opinion, so I may be wrong lol

Update (06/13/16)
If you look closely on Max's stomach area in this can spot some kind of radio or radio transmitter. Pretty interesting to me.
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Another quick update on the Grizzly Max outfit. Everyone can notice the large hydration bladder on his back, and previously, someone in the thread theorized that this bladder was converted into some siphoning machine for guzzoline. Now I have no idea how to create such a device, but taking a shot on how to find a similar bladder is worth it.
- As seen in the opening scene, the bladder is large and white, with the nozzle coming off the bottom left corner.
- This bladder is large and white, but is expensive (~$100), has the brand name on it (which is annoying in my eyes), and the nozzle comes off the bottom center.
- This cheaper alternative (~$30) is large, and the nozzle comes off the bottom left corner, but it's blue. I personally wouldn't mind the color.

*NOTE: Both bladders carry the same amount of water = 96oz. I do not know if the movie bladder is the same but it's a good guess. Also, the bladder is held up on Max's back via small leather straps on the top two corners. (Another suggestion would be MOLLE connectors)

This is a shot in the dark, but I would recommend to check out the outfits from the Mad Max videogame. The last outfit (before acquiring the original jacket) seems to have a direct correlation to Grizzly Max's outfit. Although they're not the same, it's worth looking at them and comparing to try and figure out what to get for Grizzly Max.



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Was there a preferred thread type for the stitching on the shoulder, collar, etc.?

i did read on here that most of the areas were double stitched as well, correct?

Kenneth Creates

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Finally getting started on my Mad Max costume. Thanks to all the hard work by the folks in this thread!

I am attempting to weather the jacket with acetone/rubbing alcohol/sand paper and I have hit a bit of a snag. The leather (yes it's real, I checked. Reasonably, certain it is cow hide) is not turning that sandy brown, but a grey and then only in places where I sanded. I know I could paint it (I'm thinking a wash of yellow ochre and a little brown) and it would be okay, but I really want to break it down to a natural leather colour.

Does anyone have suggestions? I've tried google, but I haven't found any techniques that I haven't already tired.

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